Thursday, May 3, 2012

Arisugawa Park, Tokyo

TOKYO---After a year and last night's unsolicited twelve-hour sleep, I have decided to revive my blog today. I say that every year but life DOES get in the way and I have become so far behind in technology that I'm worried about my survival. I didn't even recognize my own blog.

Anyway, let's start with life in Tokyo which is as close to perfection as anyone can get. Everyday I walk through this beautiful park to get into town. The Japanese are so civilised and being in their parks is such a joy--no screaming, no dog shit, no being hit by balls, no liter, no running, no noise even when a group of 20 Japanese adults and children are picnic-ing....except when there is a group of five Australians. THEN you have enough noise to destroy your perfect park experience.

And let's not even discuss a quiet walk down my street until....I reach the housing for the Chinese Embassy  and hear screaming and yelling (in Chinese, moshirong!!) from the dormitory. Perhaps they found a Japanese dissident under one of the beds? 

The Japanese have been taught to be polite and restrained in public and my Japanese friends claim to be quite animated at home..."We scream!"

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