Sunday, May 1, 2011


HONG KONG---Unlike the 1.999 billion people who tuned into the royal wedding, my husband who is British (and not just- plain-British -but -Old- Etonian-British), seemed not to be remotely interested. Growing up in a historical city like London makes him take landmark buildings for granted. Until a few years ago, he had never set foot in places such as Westminster Abbey, founded by Edward the Confessor in 1066. He is 50, born and raised in London. (Me: You've NEVAH been to Westminster? Him: No. Maybe because well, it's always just THERE.) He has also never been to Buckingham Palace while I go every summer for one exhibit or another. If it's not the Queen's dresses, it's the garden, etc....

So when the currently-happy royal couple went to sign their marriage documents in a 'room from the time of Edward the Confessor," I was impressed and he wasn't. (this was the room at the back of the altar where no cameras were allowed)

Me: Wow--I wonder what's in that Edward the Confessor Room...I bet it's really something!
Him: It's probably come scuzzy room or old office that holds vestments and crap. Maybe there's a loo in there. Mind you, I don't know how she's gonna go in that dress. I know for sure there is someone in THAT church who is dying for a pee since they had to wait so long.

Now I remember what he said when we went to Eton:
Me: (touching the desks) Wow--it must have been something to sit on these desks with all that history from the 14-1500s....I bet the wood and graffiti have lots to tell.
Him: Can you imagine centuries of germs festering in those things? Kids fall asleep and drool, wipe their noses, stick all sorts of things...
Me: If you could kill germs the way you kill romance....(we'd be living in a villa in Monaco now)