Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Today's quote: If beauty is a 10, nine of it is dressing.

HONG KONG ---People often ask me why I buy multiples of certain things such as Roger Vivier buckle shoes, Alaia flats,Belgian shoes, Kotur Wallace and Anya Hindmarch Ebury bags....The reason is that they work with my lifestyle and my style of dress. But sometimes I have bought them knowing they didn't work and I bought by default (ie I was suckered!!)

This is me and Tallulah Butthead II in HER DOG HOUSE in Hong Kong. Yes. When people ask me, "Are you in the doghouse now/tonight?" I answer "Yes!" Literally. (See? The bitch is asking me to get off her sofa) Speaking of.... I have two of these silk Dries beaded tops. A glitzy one for blingy Hong Kong and an emerald green one in Tokyo to match my glow when I turn green from radiation.
NOW HERE is the root of all evil dressed in Swarovski crystals and satin finery (badder than a bad dog or bad robot) ....An animal (print) walks among us. Although I love their leather and patent shoes, my relationship with RV satins (definitely not the RVs Bible-reading and gun-toting America travels in) is like divorce for a serial monogamist: Just like divorce, the first was painful and expensive and the succeeding marriages were just expensive.

NOW THESE TWO I LOVE!!! Just like a co-dependent, I bought these two pairs knowing how painful the first pair was. My reason? Or rather the shop girl's retail logic, "They are the last pairs and (wait for it...) they are YOUR SIZE. After this, Out of stock la..."

Should I buy these two even if the last one hurt me?
(And here is why you end up doing multiple purchases or end up falling in love again for whatever reason, just don't charge me for it)
"Yes because this is a completely different style (or insert name of new love interest here). You have room at the sides." (sometimes just having a room will make people happy)

They have indeed turned out to be really comfortable, practical and beautiful...Something like my relationship with...ME!!


A funny thing happened to us at the HK Dog Rescue. For some reason, after making a trip by taxi, MTR and on foot, we arrived at the HKDR kennels not only not to be welcomed but to also walk away with the impression that we did not deserve to get a dog. Hmph!!

The other night, a jeweller told me that the famous Paris jeweller JAR (Joel A Rosenthal) was not really a snob as most people think but someone who is particular about who he sells to knowing he does not need to compromise or put up with having to sell keyrings.

JAR has been known to turn down some of the most famous people for whatever reason.

I guess these clients felt the same way I did at the HKDR.
One of my greatest dreams is to own something by JAR but I don't think that's going to happen having been turned down at the HKDR, a low point in the food chain.

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Sam said...

Hello, Ms. Kitty! Welcome back!!! The past few weeks, I've been clicking and checking for new posts...now these, not one but three!!!! Beats shaking boxes under a holiday tree, hahahaha..