Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Fourth F--Fukuya

HONG KONG--The thing about a place like FUKUYA is that I can't look for photos on Google seeing as I don't even know where to look except maybe in Japanese Google which is too advanced for me. I can walk there from my flat but I can't give anyone clear directions. As part of my lessons, my Japanese teacher asked me to give her the directions in Japanese. I told her I couldn't manage it because I couldn't even give them in English. "But why don't we just do directions to the American Club? That I can do..."

I found FUKUYA because I never leave my neighborhood except to go to Yohji or Uniqlo in Ginza (and that is a day trip). It happens to be 'on the way to the American Club." Fukuya is my neighborhood beauty emporium that sells top end Shiseido (Benfiance, Cle de Peau, SKII), Albion and Kanebo products. The closest I can compare it to in terms of service and sales is Zitomer or Clyde's, both on the Upper East Side in New York. It is similar to those two places because a) it serves mostly the neighborhood and b) the sales people seem to be long serving employees (ie not contractual). But that's where the similarity ends.

Fukuya has several points better than any store I have been to:
1) There is no hard sell. I was discouraged from buying a concealer because it would make me look older. I told them I bought Shiseido\'s new foundation brush already the day before at Tomod's, a drug store chain and what did I get "Arigatoo Gozaimasu, SANK-YU very much-u." What would I get anywhere else ESPECIALLY in Hong Kong? "You should have gotten it here. I would have given you a sample... we have a promo...I bet you paid too much...' (I bought two brushes at Tomod's simply because they looked nice. Little did I know they would be the best things I've ever used."

2) Whether you buy an eyeshadow or an entire skincare programme, you are treated the same way. VERY WELL. First there is the tray and the tea but the tea doesn't come in the tray. The tray is where they put all your products before carrying the thing to 'your seat' which brings me to my next point. You take 'a seat literally at a beauty bar where they 'serve you products and tea' but not before taking your bag (not to steal it but to store it) and tying a bib on you so you don't ruin your outfit.
The only other retail beauty experience that made me feel this lucky to be a woman is PARFUMERIE MEGEVE in Megeve (where else?) which sells top of the line European cosmetics and lingerie.

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