Monday, January 24, 2011


In October, I blogged about another blogger who was engaged in credit card scamming to support a shopping habit. I was supposed to do a part 3 or part 4 but failed technologically. In the tradition of 'I left my homework at home, I really did--in one of them and I couldn't remember which. Now I have found it and MORE.....

Above is a photo of a certain bboy777 from in 2004. Because I am technologically inept, I couldn't post the entire thread about this wallet and its contents on my blog. In the creditboard thread, bboy777 is addressed as 'bryan' (How many Bryans do we know?)
Meanwhile, a little bird sent me the piece de resistance or the icing on the cake:

My pie in the sky tell me that in March 2001, CATHAY PACIFIC AIRWAYS filed a case against FRANCIS BRYAN YAMBAO and a JASON ROBERT MCGINNIS for making fraudulent on-line orders of plane tickets using fraudulently acquired credit cards. The case agaisnt the two is filed before the Paranaque City Prosecutors Office.
Go check it out!
Could Francis Bryan Yambao be Bryan Boy of
Your guess is as good as mine.
Oh--and I have more on Francis Bryan Yambao being on a list if "non-preferred travel agents" defined as 'negative feedback regarding service or truthfulness of the companies and persons listed.'
I'm Chinese so my math has got to be good:
CX+fraudulent credit cards+non-preferred travel agents=Bryan Boy