Monday, October 18, 2010


TOKYO --- In the last few years, American fashion has seen the rise of young designers from the Chinese-American community:
Jason Wu who created Michelle Obama's inaugural gown which was so frothy that you didn't know whether she was wearing the White House's ration of whipped cream or was going to the prom.
Alexander Wang who has smartly divided his business into main line ready-to-wear and a tee shirt line, T by Alexander Wang without diluting his brand.
And oh yes...there is one more known for....
uuhh..uhh...I have one of his jackets...spending his nights snorting coke and downing champagne till 6AM in Beijing that he didn't show up for media interviews?
Not a good look considering he's not exactly an established fashion superstar.
Might be time to look at the P n L statements.....
In the lines of 'The dog ate my homework," I saved Part 4's further credit scamming info in my other computer which is in the Hong Kong doghouse. I'll have to search through my emails or it will have to wait until I get back to Hong Kong.
Meanwhile, I leave you with this wonderful quote by Auberon Waugh in defense of notorious UK gossip columnist Nigel Dempster:
"If, as a famous person, you are in the habit of doing things which would make you ashamed if they were more widely known, then you have a clear choice. Change your habits, change your attitude to them or retreat from the public stage. The other course of action is to cross your fingers and hope Nigel Dempster never finds out."


Anonymous said...

Phillip Lim?hahaha!!!

Calex said...

just to complete the thought on the last sentence- or you may hire Max Clifford to get you off the hook! hahaha!

Alexander Wang isn't at the peak of his stardom and this is what he's doing? attitude determines your altitude! can't wait for Part 4!
he should be hanged on his Hermes belt!