Sunday, October 17, 2010

TOKYO--I saw this hilarous film on the plane from Hong Kong. I don't really like the very bourgeois subject matter of kids 'learning to embrace life'" before they even move out of the house. In fact, I hate anything that has to do with émbracing life'" such as Eat, Pray, Gag.
(I think I enjoy mine too much to look for something better)

Do you really have to go to India and not stay at the Imperial?

I also hate anything having to do with cheap travel, dirt and ugly clothes, all of which Eat,Pray, Gag and Cemetery Junction have. A Single Man this is not. But I LOVED Cemetery Junction because of the dialogue and how an otherwise bourgeois idea usually for sappy rom-coms turned into something funny and honest.

The film is directed by Ricky Gervais and written with Stephen Merchant--great British music from the 70s and because it is a 'period' film, it makes a great opportunity to be politically incorrect-- smoking, drinking, racial, social and sexual prejudice ---which makes great dialogue.

"....think about pulling all the foreign birds. They won't understand a word you're saying..."

"Why would I want to go to Africa? It's full of black people...""

"French eat snails, horses, etc.The only thing they won't put in their mouths is a toothbrush."

It is far from the Mad Men screenplay which is not accurate to the times and (I am convinced)was created only for booze and cigarette sponsorship and for retail advertising catering to fat-ish, anti-fashion figures who need Spanx. In other words, the moderate missy market who think that the size 12-16-girls Dove commercials are aspirational.

If you don't aspire to a size zero, what future do you have with Alaia? OMG!! Life without Alaia?? Bury me in Lanvin!

If you want accurate dialogue and costumes, watch Julian Fellowes'' Downton Abbey, Cranford or Lark Rise to Candleford. If you want stupidity, watch Gervais' and Merchant's new TV series Än Idiot Goes Abroad." Hilarious even to those not well-travelled.

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