Sunday, October 10, 2010


Whose wallet is this? Is it possible for a Philippine resident with no net worth to acquire all these cards? (Just asking...)

I didn't think there was going to be so much material on this one lousy tip. This is what happens when research is involved. I know some people think it's better to be a fool than a cheat but I wouldn't want to be either.

For a few months, this extremely lively anonymous gossip site was the daily guilty pleasure of many people from the Philippines. I loved it, everyone I knew loved it and you would have loved it until you became a target of humiliation and Perez Hilton-pilfered scrawls and robotic, computerized moves.
But the joy of bitching came to an acrimonious end when one minor local stylist challenged chikatime's identity on her blog and another local Philippine site blew his cover. Politicians, socialites and celebrities all wanted to sue him (maybe they did!).

Before this identity crisis, anyone who had an axe to grind with anyone went to chikatime and got their story published. One source downloaded everything on the Boy connecting him to credit card reports and scams and turned over all this evidence to chikatime not knowing he WAS chikatime!!

I can only compare this to turning over photos of Anna Wintour on a bad hair day and trying to get them uploaded on Needless to say it was over between the Boy and the Scout before you could even swipe your Visa. I'm sure the paperwork was not recycled. It's probably locked up somewhere like in the prison next door to his house.

You have to start somewhere SOOO....
Like Darwin's theory it had to start down under at Australian Fashion Week where his plane ticket (business class, I believe) was paid for by another blogger who was already broke yet still got blackmailed. I wish I knew how to take advantage of people like that.

At that time, I remember telling the Boy that doing this particular fashion week would be good for his profile and 'worth the expense' but I didn't think he would do it at the expense of someone else!!

In between fashion weeks, parties and sweetie-dahhlinks there was the odd 'I forgot my wallet can you lend me 20 bucks' or 'I got pick pocketed can you lend me a 100'--and I'll wire you the money. But a) the money either never came, b) check bounced and he never spoke to lender again.
BUT he still seemed to be able to 'get around.'

Many are wondering..How does he manage to travel so much now?

(Credit cards only get you so far--maybe that's why he has card albums full of them?? He himself claims that 'you can only use stolen cards once or twice..." Aha--so THAT'S the secret!!)

For someone who knows the fashion media, the answer is easy. The brands pay. Getting to every party, every show, every event is paid for by brands and PR companies if they are guaranteed exposure. You can even luxury hotel-hop on brand expense accounts. This does not happen only for fashion but in the watch and jewelery sector where they do Paris, Basel and Geneva.

But remember the Boy had to do all of the above before he got to this point where he is today.

(Have you had a Balenciaga charge today?)

Check out this link and put your Barbara Kaminski straw hat on:

Let's say Dior flies you to Paris first or business class and puts you up at Le Bristol. LV will call and say you can come to the show and they'll move you to Crillon. Or some PR company/group will cover your plane fare and hotel and ask you to attend all the shows of its clients. All food and parties are also fully paid for. Then there are the free clothes and the heavily discounted items. As in HEAVILY. I have bought things selling at retail for USD 10-20,000 for a mere USD 1-3,000.

The beauty of this arrangement is that not only do you get to fly for free but you accrue air miles which you can then use for your personal travel. A round trip from Asia to Europe or America gets you a free flight within Asia. So it is really not impossible for a working and travelling couple to take their entire family (plus servants) on summer and ski vacations AND hang in the first class lounge. My vote goes to the one by Marc Newson for Qantas in the Sydney airport. Beautiful Oz light and looks like a hotel lobby.

I met some netrepreneurs who told me that it is virtually impossible to generate any advertising revenue through blogs because they are merely 'single pages.' Advertising is profitable only via online media where they have multiple pages. Real money, of course is made through merchant websites or 'aggregates,' that is, links between merchants and consumers.

There is also talk that being very tech-savvy, he manipulates the number of hits on his website. But what do I know? I'm merely a messenger.

I'm still trying to figure out whether or not and how to break Part 4 to ya because I have some images and screen shots that I can't use due to copyright laws.

I'm not looking for anyone to believe me but no one believed Harry Markopolos, either.

To those who wonder if I am jealous, I suggest you find out more about me. While I don't like to discuss my lifestyle (and parade my closet and travels) publicly, you can always call me and I'll tell you what my life (as a bitch) is like. I MIGHT tell you what skeletons I have in my closet/s. Very likely clothes from the days when I was as thin as a skeleton.

You can also ask my friends. Or my enemies.

Why, you COULD even ask the Boy himself. He'll tell ya!


Anonymous said...

Why would someone like the baghag, who seems to come from a well-to-do family, hang out with a scammer? Is it out of desperation to climb the social ladder?

Lasherations said...

my, my, my again!

goodgirl said...

Other than your reveals, I enjoy reading your take on your travel journeys, your own take on the countries you have lived in (e.g. "UK is a 3rd world country" accdg to you & "working people in France are bitchy because they're literally overqualified") as well as your (funny) anecdotes about your husband. Hope you can write or make a book about these too.

julio said...

bitin! haha, Part 4 please

goodgirl said...

alam na ba nina marc Jacobs, anna wintour & co. yan?????

Anonymous said...

OMFG!i was laughing all the way to the bank to make sure my boyfriend credit all the money he owes me coz i was thingking buying some stuff at ADORA!whiich o fcourse i have to change my mind since the thought of strutting down Manila in couture made me cringe..i'd rather stick to VINTAGE!AND UKAY!

BBbutt will surely sweat with glitters...and blood!

greg said...

It's quite obvious na insecure ka...where is the "Boy" now and where are you? Hahahaha

Angela said...

i do have to ask, what's in it for you posting these "gossips," new material for your upcoming book? in reviewing your old posts, the last 3 entries are the only ones getting a lot of comments/hits.

i think that someone like you can use your blog for something better like educating the filipino people about the health care bill and how the phil catholic church are too involve politically and in many ways hindering progress. i suppose those aren't "sexy" enough.

for the record, i love gossips and expose but these posts to me are old news and rather tedious.

CJSUPERB said...
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Calex said...

@ Angela and Greg
if you guys are tired of these things, then why are you reading Kitty's blog? kayo ang walang magawa!
Angela- kaya nga chic hits the fan eh, fashion at gossip blog ito!
Bakit hindi nalang ikaw ang mag educate about the RH Bill? I've had enough of the Catholic church that's why I don't subscribe to religion! at least Kitty doesn't claim the holier than thou tag!

I met Kitty 2 years ago in London for my thesis interview and I would have to say that the lady is in a league of her own! Sa Harrods palang kilala na sya! Also at R.S. they were closed for inventory and when the saleslady saw Ms. Kitty, pinapasok sya agad. Hay kayo ang insecure!

This is her business, this is what she does! And the books are marvelous Kitty! Good job!

John Andrew said...

If this is true, I will be very disappointed. Tsk tsk tsk. I was really inspired by him. Sigh

Godofredo said...

Then stop reading this blog and just move on to something else! :)

Brian Shane said...

Thanks Kitty.
BB still owes me money.
He's a scammer just like DJ.

I miss you and can't wait to see you!

leroi said...

boy oh boy. didn't the BBoy just twitted 3 hours ago that he's "vintage shopping" in Stockholm?

MoTwister said...

it's a controversial season indeed...

Web said...

Just wanted to say....go for it Kitty! And don't forget to print Part 4 too. :)
By the way, re: the Divine being you wrote about prior to BB. I believe the family was hoping to use IPO proceeds to pay off the loans. Well, the expose trashed that plan!

mary anne said...

"Like Darwin's theory it had to start down under at Australi[an Fashion Week]"

Darwin's Theory of Evolution started in the Galapagos Islands (Ecuador), not Australia.

CartalkByJJ said...

@Angela. There's a blog out there for everyone.
Shopping - Chuvaness
Gossip - Kitty Go
Let people blog what they want to blog. AND BTW. The BBBoy expose is a SOCIAL ISSUE. It shows the culture of cheating in Filipino Society (Not all of it... but most of it) that ppl think is OKAY at this day and age.

Bianca said...

bryan grey-yambao is the most pretentious person ever!

InsideOut said...

Chikatime all over again..and now its on BBOy himself!!! J'adore..i can tell you im laughing off my chair right now..thanks for the news!!!
now must tell the WORLD!!!