Sunday, October 10, 2010


Don't you wonder where people REALLY get their money? (I DO!) Because there seems to be a hell of a lot sloshing around. To this day, some money comes from work, marriage, inheritance and/or investments. Lately it seems to be credit (good, bad or lose your house Uggly) and the reliable-as-long-as-you-don't-get-caught scamming.

I'm not saying every blogger is into scamming, okay. Just some. Okay, maybe ONE.


Knowing what you know now about The Boy's living conditions (and by no means do I look down on him for this), let me take you back several years (circa 2003-2008?) before Dolce and Marc came calling.

He set up an online travel agency which has since been de-listed by IATA. At around this time he did single trips to New York (where he stayed with a criminally not sexually handcuffed Marc Jacobs staffer), China (Great Wall), France (LV, Eiffel), Russia, wherever!

(Not very much travel in my opinion. I know people who travel long haul and/or 6-8 hour trips every other week)

He could have done this with his travel agency or he could have done this at the expense of clients of his then-agency. (There was a time when online and phone sales at Saks and Amazon were flagged because customer cards were compromised. It happens to the best of us)

According to, credit fraud is very easy to do. All you need is a phone (to harrass people with) and a computer with internet connection (the better to 'harvest' emails and credit and identity info with, my dear..). I can't tell you more but you can go on then give me the one-page executive summary.

And everyone knows hackers are based in third world countries in Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe but cards scammed are from developed countries where credit lines are larger.


A style spy said that after the taping of Philippine Project Runway, he invited a designer and two models to an upmarket local restaurant and proceeded to order several bottles of wine which the Philippine production company was not prepared to pay for since they ain't NBC. The Boy stuck them with a bill of close to USD 1,000 which was a fierce bill to swallow even for the wealthy and especially bitter if you were planing on buying fierce Givenchy heels. It must have been a slow day for credit scamming.

The network sent him marching in Crocs after that.

When he was a little known blogger, he flew three members of the Philippine media to HK in exchange for a spread in the country's biggest paper. They were put up in a boutique hotel and he went on a major shopping spree which included a new Birkin.

He used a credit card to pay for it.

It didn't bear his name.

Thank Gawd it didn't bear mine, either.
Yours, perhaps?

YOU'VE GOT MAIL!!!...from India.

Then there was, as one source said, "..all that mail from India..."
They certainly weren't invites to the Taj Mahal, I can tell you that.
Project Runway India, perhaps?

Despite his living conditions, he always managed to stay in the best hotels, paid for expensive meals and booze (except in the case of Project Run-Away). Meanwhile, he was extremely rude to people who were recipients of his 'largesse.' It was as if his ill-gotten generosity warranted him some kind of subservience from his then-friends.

One of my sources who travelled with him unearthed (take note, BY MISTAKE!!) a clear card book full of credit cards from various institutions issued under different names. I, meanwhile, noticed that his cards were not from first tier institutions like HSBC, American Express, etc. and what I saw were all from state-run American banks.

The source who went shopping with him noted that shopping was done as soon as boutiques opened and the whole spree would be over before noon. I have no logical reason behind this practice but I can guess. MANY GUESSES.

I do have a question which I pose to you discerning readers: How can a Philippine resident with no net worth acquire so many American credit cards?

May I introduce you to one Albert Gonzalez (please be my guest at Google and Wikipedia), a Cuban national of modest means who threw himself a USD 75,000 birthday party, had 15 credit cards and btw was the biggest fish in the ocean of credit fraud?

I'm telling you, I'm in the wrong business. There's no business like fraud business.

Later this week (if I get so frustrated because they don't have my size at Dries) ...Find out how anonymity bred animosity and how he really sweats glitter NOW.

Don't worry kids, the answer to all your questions in Part I will soon be answered!



goodgirl said...

if this post is true -- BBBoy is an effing THIEF!

Calex said...

ang galing naman ng bugok na yan!
pero karma karma naman sa kanya. I don't know how he did it. I am a conscientious person and I know I would never do such a thing.
yeah, how can he have american bank credit cards? he doesn't live in the US. well, please spill the beans soon coz am mighty excited as to his capture!
mga pasosyal pa! echoserang palaka o bakla naman pla!

kingcrux31 said...


I can't wait for part 3.

oh fudge said...

bitin! haha

Anonymous said...

omg! i knew it. there's no way he could afford to travel like that with what he does..

thepurplemanchronicles said...

ow my god...that is so unfashionable...sosyalerang froglet "kokakking" his way into the disgusting...ayoko na sa kanya...

next post na go....

cookie said...

nigahiga is a japanese-american teenager with a lot of time in his hand, and a very creative mind. he posts his mini-movies in youtube. he is one of the top money makers in youtube.
you ask yourself, how did he do it?
bbboy!!! how did he do it?
the answer is in his website. if a blogger has a lot of like minded followers (in millions around the world), companies are willing to pay top dollar for their customers "eyeball", we are talking tens of thousands of dollars. advertisers actually bid for banner ads on the most popular websites. how did i know these? i am currently taking my mba here in the states and is just learning about internet marketing and social networking. he could be using pay-per-click as well from google adsense. there is nothing new about making money in the internet.
bbboy is just good at it.
as for his travels, the fashion houses, that makes million, simply expense bbboy's travel and accomodation in exchange for free product placement whenever he blogs about their events. again, this is an efficient way of advertising since the blog readers are people who are interested in fashion, their company's target market.
the fashion industry is all smoke and mirrors. bbboy knows how to work it.
instead of judging his method, perhaps we can learn something from it and use it to our own advantage.
as for the credit card, fashion houses are known for giving out "swags" to their guests. it could come in the form of prepaid credit cards that does not necessarily bear his name.
and yes shopping should be done before noon, because afternoon and evenings is when the events are happening.
how did i know this?, i assisted my make-up artist boyfriend, when we did the makeup for a designer during south beach mercedez benz fashion week. and yes, i have my own fly in the wall vantage point of the fashion industry.

Anonymous said...

i wonder why he hasnt responded in any way to these posts.. i personally hung out with him one night back in 2008 when he was in Singapore for a magazine shoot... he seemed genuine and our group had much fun. i got to hold and check out the green ostrich bag MJ gave him, honestly i am in disbelief right now because i would never have suspected any of this back then. i was esctatic to have met him after following his blog for three years(since '05)

in any case, if the media catches wind of this, 'chic' will really hit the blogging stratosphere and i hope you still get to churn out funny posts abt CDG jackets not fitting etc. (he might wanna get ur blog shut down u see)

anticipating part 3!!!

kassy said...

is this who i think it is? If it is, ive been wondering how he does it, how he did it.
BBBoy! Ive been wondering what job he has and he get to travel the world. I thought hes a cyberspace personal shopper.

Ooooh post 3 na!

Friend said...

I'm so shocked. You mean that famous fabulous sosyal people are thieves? OMG. So shocked.

Calex said...

to cookie,

i work as a social media consultant and I know how online advertising works. but most of them still hold day jobs because the income is varies. besides, if you earn that much, why won't you put your name on the debit/credit cards? scared much?
even if the debit card is a gift, it has to bear his name on it.

check this out:

Anonymous said...

OMG WTF!!!From the alpha to omega BB is such a big hit but now this means "i'm richer than him?".Thank god for my real jod, i get to travel on my own expense and VINTAGE shops everywhere fix my shopping needs.hahahha!!!what a shame!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Cookie, for finding out through a presumably pricey American MBA about revenue models that mere mortals like us already know about. "Advertisers actually bid for banner ads on the most popular websites!" Gasp. Really? Thanks for the lecture, but we non-MBAs too know all about that shizz, because we like to use the Internet and read. Sure hope you're learning more than that for what you're paying over there.

Before you enlighten us with any more of your newfound knowledge, may I direct your attention to the top of Kitty's blog post: "Let me take you back several years (circa 2003-2008?) before Dolce and Marc came calling." Before the international attention and brand sponsorships, The Boy was already living a lifestyle well beyond his means—the outrageousness of which was got him the attention and sponsorships in the first place. And the alleged credit card fraud pertains to that period in his life.

So if you ever got a free debit or credit card with someone else's name on it, you would consider that totally above board and just USE it? If you ever get such mysterious and elusive "swags", you let us know yeah?

Anonymous said...


For a blog that is Page Rank 6 (it is how popular a website is, 10 being the highest), he maybe earning a decent amount enough afford one designer bag every month. But how can he afford such a luxurious lifestyle here in Manila where he doesn't have sponsors?

Bianca said...

bad karma awaits you BRYAN GREY-YAMBAO!