Thursday, September 9, 2010


No one likes being a Cassandra but what Cassadras LOVE more than anything in the world is to be PROVEN RIGHT! Cassandras like me live for this moment and right now I'm having a ball because I don't even have to do any research. Why, I don't even Google. I don't even ASK! The material keeps coming. (Well, some of the material has been taken off cyberspace but there's loads where this came from. The cyberuniverse--not to mention the Twittering classes--- has infinite material and people only too happy to dish out dirt)
The risk of being a Cassandra is you go against the herd. The problem with the herd is that no one will admit to anything because no one wants to be a seen as a poor judge of character.
As much as a Cassandra likes being proven right, the herd is terrified of admitting to being the ones 'who got duped.' Witness how none of Madoff's or Ken Starr's clients are willing to come forward.

Today I have an interview with Divine Lee with posted on 01 September 2010...Why she did it at the height of embezzlement accusations, I don't know (Calling Peggy Siegel and Max Clifford).....

Excerpts and my side comments in parenthesis:

"I just came from Europe, so we went to the beach...." (sic)
(I guess she didn't know about the case because she was 'at the beach.." getting her brains fried)

On her crocodile Birkin, Giambattista Valli dress and Fendi shoes:
She said, "Binili ko 'yan...Pinaghirapan ko talaga" (I bought them...I worked hard for them)
(Pinaghirapan dahil sa "Pag-Ibig"---I worked hard for 'love'--ironically, the name of the fund her company shafted)

And how does she maintain her svelte figure?
"I started running, so I might join a marathon soon...."
(The only running I can see her doing is running from the law)

"It's confidence, she would say in her magazine interviews."
(No kidding! You need a lot of it to slurp USD 150 million and you're going to need as much as you can muster in court. But I think she'll need more of a sense of humor)

Okay that's it kids because I, too, have to go on my European vacation not Greece but grease because I have to face a newly remodelled kitchen and closet. (Honest to God, we already paid for the work in full!)

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lilywhite said...

been wanting to comment for such a long time but don't want to be hassled. research some more please. a lot of people are happy you are writing about the truth. this "woman" i wont even mention her name is irritating and a fake. she is the illegitimate daughter of lee. the legitimate daughter is a proper lady. research, do some more digging. Lee has been stealing and swindling his own family so no surprise with what he's done withe pag-ibig. she claims to be 28 but shes in her 30s. she said shes from brent but prior to that she was in one of the chinese schools in manila. if there's any justice in the world i hope to see her rot in jail!