Tuesday, September 7, 2010

BORROWED FROM THE BOYS..the poor boys, that is

HONG KONG---Things are not what they seem in the Manila massive in the Philippines.
The last two weeks saw:
A) ---a bungled (how do I screw up, let me count the ways...) hostage rescue operation of Hong Kong tourists by poorly trained and equipped local policemen headed by an unqualifed chief of police whose armed forces chief (yes, that's you Mr. Philippine President Noy Noy Aquino) did not even pick-up a phone call from Hong Kong chief executive Donald Tsang. Rumour has it he was really busy being either a) asleep, b) playing X-box, c) in a real meeting, d) in a so-called closed door meeting (which can be anything, really) or e) any and/or all of the above;
B) ---a scandal involving a local government fund, ironically called Pag-Ibig (meaning 'love' in Filipino) where Delfin Lee, a local Chinese self-proclaimed tycoon (of course this term is relative compared to HK, NY, London, Riyadh..wherevah!) has siphoned 7 billion PhPesos (about 150 million USD). No love lost there, I can tell you that.

It wouldn't be SO BAD ---
a) if his family did not throw themselves at the media beginning with a 3-day birthday society coming-out-of-sorts event for his daughter. Then she proceeds to come out on national television showing off her expensive shoes and bags (multiple Birkins, anyone?) and discussing prices, etc. (To put this into persective: this show was broadcast in a country where the average annual salary is WAY less than 1000 USD A YEAR! An assistant to a magazine publisher would probably make 300 USD a month, a bank branch manager about 1000 USD a month)

b) and no one would have cared if she bought flats for her Brazilian boy toys or treated her friends out to an evening at the theatre where she would take out the whole place and MAYBE no one would even care if.....
the Pag-Ibig fund was just some government utility fund or some general investment fund but NHHHOOO----it is a fund specifically set up for financial services and loans to POOR PEOPLE!!!

c) if the company, Globe Asiatique did not use the unchic spelling Q-U-E for Asia-tique which they probably thought sounded classy but will merely be pronounced as Asia-'tick' as in 'flea and tick' spray.

I KNEW something was UP!! But I guess now they are DOWN because they've been UP to NO GOOD!

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Calex said...

hi! Charlene here,
perhaps this is what my mom always said: di baleng hindi tayo mayaman pero hindi galing sa nakaw ang pera natin.

true true! the alta sosyal here, some or most, acquired their ill-gotten wealth from whatever means. kawawa naman ang mga tao. let's pray that they will taste the wrath of jail.