Thursday, September 9, 2010


No one likes being a Cassandra but what Cassadras LOVE more than anything in the world is to be PROVEN RIGHT! Cassandras like me live for this moment and right now I'm having a ball because I don't even have to do any research. Why, I don't even Google. I don't even ASK! The material keeps coming. (Well, some of the material has been taken off cyberspace but there's loads where this came from. The cyberuniverse--not to mention the Twittering classes--- has infinite material and people only too happy to dish out dirt)
The risk of being a Cassandra is you go against the herd. The problem with the herd is that no one will admit to anything because no one wants to be a seen as a poor judge of character.
As much as a Cassandra likes being proven right, the herd is terrified of admitting to being the ones 'who got duped.' Witness how none of Madoff's or Ken Starr's clients are willing to come forward.

Today I have an interview with Divine Lee with posted on 01 September 2010...Why she did it at the height of embezzlement accusations, I don't know (Calling Peggy Siegel and Max Clifford).....

Excerpts and my side comments in parenthesis:

"I just came from Europe, so we went to the beach...." (sic)
(I guess she didn't know about the case because she was 'at the beach.." getting her brains fried)

On her crocodile Birkin, Giambattista Valli dress and Fendi shoes:
She said, "Binili ko 'yan...Pinaghirapan ko talaga" (I bought them...I worked hard for them)
(Pinaghirapan dahil sa "Pag-Ibig"---I worked hard for 'love'--ironically, the name of the fund her company shafted)

And how does she maintain her svelte figure?
"I started running, so I might join a marathon soon...."
(The only running I can see her doing is running from the law)

"It's confidence, she would say in her magazine interviews."
(No kidding! You need a lot of it to slurp USD 150 million and you're going to need as much as you can muster in court. But I think she'll need more of a sense of humor)

Okay that's it kids because I, too, have to go on my European vacation not Greece but grease because I have to face a newly remodelled kitchen and closet. (Honest to God, we already paid for the work in full!)

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I didn't think I'd have such a DIVINE time with the item about Globe Asiatique (with a froglais Q-U-E no less) until the staff at quoted her Cosmopolitan Philippines interview. There's more where that came from:
Cosmo: Where did you get your business savvy?
(this is really good....)
Divine Lee:
I started working when I was really young...I was too shy to ask for money...I liked a lot of things...I was so shy to ask for money from my dad because I knew he worked so hard.
(It REALLY is hard to steal 150 million USD from poor people. I can't imagine doing such a difficult job myself)
So I decided to make a little money on the side so I could buy the things that I want. It just started from there.
( You mean the embezzling?)

Cosmo: You're really close to your father (Delfin Lee of Global Asiatique) (there goes that unchic spelling again!) What are the most important lessons you've learned from him?

Divine Lee: Well, number one is we're all here for a reason. And the reason I think, for me and what I do is I'm here to improve the lives of people.....
(Ya think? So they now have to work harder to get their money back?)
So at least I'm giving them livelihood, I'm giving them something they can feed their family (sic)....(you mean bullshit?)
(Can you still say that now? The only feeding that's gonna happen is the feeding of evidence at court is all I can say!)

....That's my main focus now, education.
(Where do I sign up for the Lee, Madoff and Starr Advanced Business Accounting Method?)

Cosmo: What makes you fun and what makes you fearless?
Divine Lee:.....But one thing with me is I always have this positivity. I don't take myself too seriously. I laugh at myself.
(The only laughing you're going to be doing is all the way to the bank. If not you'll need all the sense of humor you can get in jail)
As for fearless, I'm not afraid to try new things. I believe I'll never know if I don't try.
(Such as new accounting methods?)

COSMO: What do you think is your greatest achievement so far?
(I think we really don't want to get into that this week)

Don't worry, kids, The Lees are not the first to give glowing interviews while sweeping cash under the ABC (123) carpet. Think: Conrad Black, Bernie Madoff, Ken Starr....One HK private equity head supposedly siphoned off about (maybe over) USD 100 million,too! But that was over 10 years. He does the major charity, business and society circuits then moves his family to London, works as director of an old folks home in Cheshire and gives an interview to the Guardian where he says, (I paraphrase and hold on to your Zimmer frames...) "The most important thing about leadership is transparency..."

These people are smart. Like I always say, "Make sure you steal enough so you wouldn't need any friends."

At USD 100 million, who needs friends?

Up next, someone not so Divine but also with all the qualities of a thief.

BORROWED FROM THE BOYS..the poor boys, that is

HONG KONG---Things are not what they seem in the Manila massive in the Philippines.
The last two weeks saw:
A) ---a bungled (how do I screw up, let me count the ways...) hostage rescue operation of Hong Kong tourists by poorly trained and equipped local policemen headed by an unqualifed chief of police whose armed forces chief (yes, that's you Mr. Philippine President Noy Noy Aquino) did not even pick-up a phone call from Hong Kong chief executive Donald Tsang. Rumour has it he was really busy being either a) asleep, b) playing X-box, c) in a real meeting, d) in a so-called closed door meeting (which can be anything, really) or e) any and/or all of the above;
B) ---a scandal involving a local government fund, ironically called Pag-Ibig (meaning 'love' in Filipino) where Delfin Lee, a local Chinese self-proclaimed tycoon (of course this term is relative compared to HK, NY, London, Riyadh..wherevah!) has siphoned 7 billion PhPesos (about 150 million USD). No love lost there, I can tell you that.

It wouldn't be SO BAD ---
a) if his family did not throw themselves at the media beginning with a 3-day birthday society coming-out-of-sorts event for his daughter. Then she proceeds to come out on national television showing off her expensive shoes and bags (multiple Birkins, anyone?) and discussing prices, etc. (To put this into persective: this show was broadcast in a country where the average annual salary is WAY less than 1000 USD A YEAR! An assistant to a magazine publisher would probably make 300 USD a month, a bank branch manager about 1000 USD a month)

b) and no one would have cared if she bought flats for her Brazilian boy toys or treated her friends out to an evening at the theatre where she would take out the whole place and MAYBE no one would even care if.....
the Pag-Ibig fund was just some government utility fund or some general investment fund but NHHHOOO----it is a fund specifically set up for financial services and loans to POOR PEOPLE!!!

c) if the company, Globe Asiatique did not use the unchic spelling Q-U-E for Asia-tique which they probably thought sounded classy but will merely be pronounced as Asia-'tick' as in 'flea and tick' spray.

I KNEW something was UP!! But I guess now they are DOWN because they've been UP to NO GOOD!