Thursday, July 1, 2010

In the Black

Today's quote:
"....You think you cannot go on: you find that you have no alternative but to do so. You have to live. Caring about what you wear is one small but not entirely insignificant dimension of existence."
-from "The Thoughtful Dresser: The Art of Adornment, the Pleasure of Shopping, and Why Clothes Matter" by Linda Grant (this is a great book!)

Hong Kong --- One fashion belief that I have held since I stopped being a rebellious teenager is: All -black ensembles and black bags are not for the tropics. The colour is heavy on the eye and makes you feel warmer than you already are.
However, since I returned to HK from Europe in April, I wore nothing but black even in the scorching heat. Normally I would wear colourful Indian kaftans with light cotton trousers and vibrantly hued patent Roger Vivier shoes.
Not this year. It was Yohji black all the way. So determined was I to wear black that in Tokyo, I insanely bought three new Yohji black #9 jackets and a pair of trousers in March plus, as if I was dressing for a funeral, a black shirt. Everytime I laid out colourful clothes I would change my mind and pick one of the new or old Yohjis.
I thought it was my "homage' a Japon. Indeed it was but in a bad way.
I discussed this subconscious change in colour choice with my meditation teacher and she said that someone like me who usually wears colour then radically changes to wearing all black needs 'emotional support.'
She didn't say I was mourning or that I was depressed but she did say that in colour theory and therapy, black or white is worn at funerals for a reason. It is because the wearer is undergoing an emotionally difficult time.
Okay--I was depressed. AND in mourning. For leaving Hong Kong. That was then, when I was told we were leaving on 3 July and had no definite return date. Even in a suicidal state, I had to dress well.
That was then. Two weeks ago, my husband told me we were coming back on 14 July. My clothing choices gradually changed. I started wearing dark multi-coloured kurtas (healing has to start somewhere) with black trousers. I don't normally like to talk about what I buy but I bought the paint splattered denim Alexander McQueen jacket pictured above. I also went overboard and bought two identical sparkly grid-embroidered Dries van Noten silk tops (gold and emerald) and several sets of Agent Provocateur brightly coloured underwear.
But the rainbow of fashion joy will be short-lived. Everything I packed for Tokyo is Yohji and black. Except for the new McQueen jacket and a new Rick Owens t-shirt which is grey.
BTW--I got an email. Yohji is on sale.


peace_found (ebay profile) said...

the gold dries top was gorgeous and I'm sure will make you smile every time you wear it and that alone makes it worth while!

Anonymous said...

I wear black hear in Manila!!!Goodluck in Tokyo!