Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Good and the Bag (or no bag)

Now I know why Tokyo is every fashion pouf's idea of heaven...Konichiwa, Tom Ford and Tyler Brulee.
Perfection in Japan is not an art form. It is a lifestyle. It starts with grocery delivery within one hour of purchase. (ONE HOUR! I better get home before the truck arrives. Or maybe..I can hitch a ride with my groceries) Fish and meat wrapping is already impressive but they top it with delivery packed so well ou don't even know all perishables are packed with dry ice when suddenly, your hand is glued to a plastic bag that is steaming.

In HK, which was always good enough for me, you choose a delivery time for later in the day or the next day if you shop late in the afternoon. Then the delivery boys bang on your door then dump everything inside your doorstep if you are lucky. In Tokyo, they ring the bell POLITELY then bring everything in. Of course, I don't have to tell them to remove their shoes because that happens everywhere including in some toilets.

Where else but Tokyo do you get a USD 300 bottle of wine as a 'gift'with purchase of a wine cave ? Or where a plumber takes photos of a leak that is NOT causing a flood. In any other city, esp. New York or London, no one will show up. Maybe the police when you start flooding your downstairs neighbor.

It is funny that a city so keen on recycling, still doesn't 'get it'' in some ways. I went to Tomod's for toothpaste (but as usual ended up with over 200 USD worth of useless but extremely kawai merchandise such as key/phone chain lipgloss from Bourjois) and said , 'No bag.'

They wrapped everything in a small bag and said, "For your security..." (From what? In a country where people at McDonald's return your i-phone?)

It was for my security that the stuff doesn't fall out into the rest of my handbag.

Their idea of "No bag' is 'no bag with handles."

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Anonymous said...

Kitty, I never knew this level of service existed. I have to tell Sean. Pretty soon, he'll want to use all of our Starwood points for a hotel in Tokyo!