Thursday, June 24, 2010

Konichi-wa, ah so..Fatso!

Tokyo Toweru: Tor-rer than the I-fer Toweru

HONG KONG--Next week, my husband and I will be moving to Japan. Yes kids, the land of Hello Kitty and Hara-kiri that has gone through 4 prime ministers in four years. If Zsa Zsa Gabor's and Liz Taylor's married lives were countries, they could not beat Japan.

One of my dear friends so thoughtfully sent a practical and lovely gift from Amazon of ---a bi-lingual Tokyo map (very use-foor), a 2010 Michellin Guide (4 restaurants are walking distance from our future beautiful flat) and a Moleskine Tokyo notebook (da best!!).

With her gift, she enclosed a card that said ".......for civilized living in Japan...."

(Un)Fortunately Japan is already the most civilized place I know. That is, not counting the South Pole where there are no people. Residents say people are so civilized that unlike NRA-card and gun-toting Americans who just take out the object of their ire with a single gunshot, the Japanese are SO POLITE that
a) you end up walking away and wanting to kill yourself (thus committing hara-kiri in its country of origin)
b) THEY end up walking away and REALLY killing themselves or
c) they simply poison an entire subway system

Nice! Having said that, it is STILL THE SAFEST place on earth.

Unlike Jakarta where people are even afraid to leave their expensive shoes outside homes or in Japanese restaurants, in Japan, I can leave my Manolos anywhere any time.

No one will steal my shoes. Or even my clothes.

That's because they are too big. (As Yukiko-san at the Yohji store always says to me "Ah, no large. Medium is largest size..." or two doors down at Commes des Garcons, "You tried that last week and it was too small. Today still small....."

Arigato gozaimas.


Daraga said...

HAHAHA As usual funny and brilliant!

Anonymous said...

Nothing beats your humor my dear!goodluck to Japan.

first name said...

oh kitty, i do wish you'd post more often. your wit and humor sustain me.

anyway, check out this youtube clip, you can learn basic japanese
if you watch the whole series:

Anonymous said...

pleasure to find such a good artical! please keep update!!.................................................................                           

The Superlative Nightwish said...

I really miss you stuff too