Sunday, May 9, 2010


I have just finished reading "EATING ANIMALS" by Jonathan Safran Foer and I am very sorry that it has come in book form (and not as a movie or Youtube) because a) hardly anyone reads these days and there is too much damning info in here to Twitter and b) perhaps out of guilt or greed (over food), many carnivores who are the majority will not bring themselves to even open this book.
Nevertheless, I still highly recommend this latest work from one of my favorite authors.
It will make you cry.
It will make you think.
It will make you angry.
And most of all.....
It will make you ASHAMED to call yourself so-called 'human.'
What it WILL not make you is GUILTY.
Because many of us all of us ALREADY ARE!!
Whether you only eat fish or chicken like I used to until last week, you have given factory farming the 'proxy,' a vote for processing meat in inhumane and unsanitary conditions.
I have read other books on animal welfare and the cause for vegetarianism (Animal Liberation comes to mind, which I thought was quite good but too academic and militant)but Safran Foer's book is fair, giving ALL sides of the story from PETA members to vegetarian ranchers (yes!) to slaughterhouse workers.
He does not force the reader into vegeatrianism. In fact, he believes like I do, he would probably be a carnivore in another place and time.
(Remember in the 60s when 'steak night' was such a treat and having roast beef or ham meant a special occasion? When milk and butter were 'expensive?")
I am not about to discuss this book or related topics while sharing a meal because it will just ruin a social occasion.
But I will urge everyone I know to read it.
Be convinced if not for animal welfare and environmental reasons but on the surface, for sanitation and health reasons. Your children's health and your.
I hope it changes you life like it did mine.
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