Sunday, February 14, 2010

When Chic bites the dust

Megeve, France---

While the fashion world was twittering with the death of designer Alexander McQueen, I was attempting a black piste with moguls, which I did very well, thank you very much.

The problem with being in the mountains, aside from fresh air and allergies, is that I feel very disconnected from reality---WHAT!!?? Was fashion ever a reality???

I am of course, very sad that one one my favourite designers has hanged himself and that I have one less reason to stay fit.

Friday, February 5, 2010


Megeve, France---
While packing for my trip to Tokyo last week, I faced a dilemna that I face everytime I have to go to a big city in winter.
What kind of jewellery should I bring?
Winter is not exactly the best time to be showing off your rocks because you're all wrapped up and that covers the pieces. PLus you can't feel what's on you with all the thick clothing and scarves. I've lost many earrings that way. They just fell off my ears because I couldn't feel anything either from the cold or because of a thick scarf.
Tokyo is also not exactly a city where you show off your rocks because they don't care. Even the tea lady is richer than you.
New York, meanwhile, is not exactly a place where you show off your rocks because you'll be robbed. That goes for London, Paris and the rest of free world except for Hong Kong and Singapore unless it is close to Chinese New Year.
WHELL! I thought, certainly not delicate chain necklaces since I don't do small any time of the year. Since OTT ribbon and tchotschy necklaces are a big story, I decided to bring one of mine. Certainly not as expensive/overpriced as those pictured above.
I have bought a strand of South Sea pearls that cost the same as those ribbon necklaces. You do the math but that's another story.
I brought a very inexpensive ribbon necklace that I bought from Firma, a shop in Manila. It is made of sequins and beads sewn on a large piece of lace.
It was certainly appreciated in Tokyo.
I was surprised since I thought the Japanese would be on to the next big thing like a teapot hanging from your neck or something.....


Megeve, France (where else does one go in winter??!)---Well, there's Niseko in Japan where all of Hong Kong and Singapore goes to ski.
Quote of the day:
Husband: 'Who is this Yohji that you are so bent on visiting today?'
Me: 'You'll know when you see the bill.'

I was in Tokyo last week as part of a personal fact (ay--flat!) finding mission and in between searches I stopped at Minamo-Aoyama, the only street I shop in because they have Commes des Garcons, Yohji Yamamoto and Issey Miyake within miso-throwing distance of each other.

Plus, they always have my size but they will say, 'This is rash one...MEDIUM!' (but I'm sure they laugh behind my back because it's really a LARGE to THEM!)

Anyway, I went to Yohji and to Commes and now I know why Yohji is in administration. (For Americans: Chapter 11)

Because he has customers like me. People my age have already aged beyond the school run and the power suits that they probably have no use for Yohji in their lives. Even I had to turn down the beautiful cotton blouses with oversized cuffs and bows because my husband will say I look like a clown.

There is no need for 'drama' or to 'make a statement' at my age. I did that in the Eighties at the height of Yohji when I couldn't afford it.

I used to get 'Are you a Sicilian widow?' from him when I wore Yohji at his purest. This time I bought 2 lightweight jackets for the summer which I am sure will not get such comments. But we'll see.

I'm sure he'll think of something like, 'Do you know your jacket is uneven?'

Meanwhile, Commes was hopping with younger customers more intent on buying tee shirts (and there were so many I thought I walked into the Gap) than her jackets. Commes also wins in the price to production value war. Jackets are 10,000 yen cheaper in thicker (I'm not sure about better) fabric with a lot more labour put into them. I paid more at Yohji for plain black (what else?) unlined jackets.

I stayed away from the beautiful crinkled polyester double-layered jackets because I can hear, 'You're going out in THAT? We have maids to do ironing, you know.'

I was going to buy a gabardine casual tailcoat with a red lining but I decided against it because there was something wrong with the way the shoulder line (there was none and that was the point) sat on my shoulders and I could hear, 'Are you an orchestra conductor?'

I didn't go into Issey because I had to get back to the hotel to go swimming and cook myself in the steam room in time for dinner.

But I'll be back in March. There are two cotton-linen jackets I want to get at where else...Yohji.