Monday, January 11, 2010


Just in time for this month's controversial bonus distribution in the banking industry:

Today's quote:
"I will support you in everything you do except in buying overpriced Chinese IPO-s"
-part of wedding vows made by a fund manager to her husband, a broker

- "The Omen with ringlets..." Metro (America)

This is a movie that came out in July 2009 but since I hardly ever go to the cinema, I usually have to wait for the DVD or watch movies on the plane. (But I am planning on seeing the Richard Gere dog movie, 'Hachiko.' Hopefully, the little furry mammal doesn't end up in his butt and doesn't come out a Shit-zu)

MY REVIEW of Orphan:

Am I glad I chose not to have children. After seeing this film, you'll never look at children the same way again.

In fact, you will be terrified to be alone with them in the same room!

At least with dogs (and I have a lot of violent and insane experiences with them) you know what you are up against.

With kids like this, you'll never know if you'll live another day...or who gets to the kitchen knife first!

AND this is not Chuckie and Redrum. It's WORSE!!!


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hahaha!!!this movie scares me to death...beware of children.