Saturday, December 19, 2009

IT'S IN THE BAG---well, maybe not

MEGEVE, France----

Italian designer Alberta Ferretti told Elle UK (Jan 2010) : 'A bag only needs to be big enough to carry your lipstick.' (I assume she means an evening bag but then there is speculation that the Queen has nothing in her purse!)

A woman who carries evening bags that hold nothing can mean any of the following:
1) I am so organized and/or wealthy and/or have such a huge and/or efficient staff that I don't need to bring anything. This is a result of the premise that the more powerful or wealthy the woman, the smaller her purse. Have you ever seen First Ladies carrying the Fendi Spy bag? Like my husband likes to say, 'If you are REALLY important or the issue is THAT important, people will know where and how to reach you.'

2) I can compartamentilize my life so well that I don't need to bring the blackberry. Either that or I have a PA trailing me who HAS my blackberry. See point (1) There is also a servant /driver with a garage clicker who opens my front door/Pentagon-level security gates. See point (1).

3) It's a European thing. Not bringing anything is a chance for flirtation. The chance to bum a cigarette off that cute guy (who turns out to be gay), the chance to ask for a pen and paper (you will only get it from a waiter) and the freedom of not bringing keys either because you are bent on going home with someone (such as your husband who HAS the keys and the bank account--this usually does not end in fliration but argument or worse, divorce).

This reminds me of my masseuse here who refuses to get snow tires or a 4x4 and often gets stuck in the snow. One time I asked her why she didn't just get even a cheap Fiat Panda 4x4 and she replied, 'I can always ask a man to help me.'

Take note feminists, not triple A but a MAN! (My husband always helps her so after his relaxing massage, he gets to flex his muscles. Then he gets angry that she doesn't have a 4x4)

Who woulda thunk?

But then I wonder, just to stay warm waiting for 'a man' to help her (like if my husband wasn't around) would lead her to AA.

This damsel in distress attitude may really work because once she was stuck with moi and no homme and get this---suddenly, a tractor show up driven by 'a man' who pulls her up my driveway!!
(The Secret in action!)

Meanwhile when I have to catch a flight, can't put the chains on and get stuck in a ditch , am snowed in without a shovel and....well, you know what happens.


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