Thursday, October 22, 2009


Today's quote: "That is a very '80s question." -A friend's comment when I asked the Estee Lauder make-up artist if blush should go in a slanted line on the cheekbones instead of blended outward from the apples of the cheeks.

Probably because I work in the fashion industry, I didn't find RJ Cutler's The September Issue, particulary spectacular or informative.
(Why wasn't Anna Wintour's maid in a uniform?)

But because I watched it on DVD with my husband who has absolutely no clue about the business, that experience was in itself worth a blog entry. He with the big fashion career opinion that "if fashion is so hard, why do Patsy and Edina have such an easy life?" Perhaps he can also explain to me why Ari Gold has such a huge office and only one client in Vince Chase or why Lloyd worked for him for so long.

On the first scene where the camera pans the cosmetics and clothing press racks:
"WOW---I didn't think I would see anything WORSE than YOUR CLOSET!!!"

On the scenes at the beginning where they are discussing a 'color-block' story:
"Since when does Vogue actually do stories? I never saw any stories to read in there!!"
Me: "A 'story' is when they decide on a theme like color-block or work a fashion shoot around something like a jacket or a historical period."
Husband: Then what happens?
Me: You choose clothes, book the models and photographers then take the pictures.
Husband: So a story is just photos?? No wonder people don't read anymore.

On the idea of going to Paris for the couture
"I don't understand this timeline. Why are they in Paris all of a sudden?"
Me: They're going to the couture.
Husband: They have to go all the way there?? What kind of expenses do they run up?
(You really don't want this guy in charge of budgets)
Me: The couture is only in Paris.
Husband: No kidding. Every shop in the IFC mall says it's couture.
"THAT'S COUTURE?? They went to Paris to see those circus costumes? Who wears those?"
Me: The Chinese probably to the opening of a new property and the Arabs under burquas. They start at 50,000 euros.
Husband: I guess if you already have a Maybach and a Rolls.....

On Andre Leon Talley:
"How can you play tennis with all those designer logos? The towel takes up his whole body! Wait...his strokes are quite good!"
(Designer logos: The reason I can't wear Chanel on the slopes. But I can wear Moncler!)

On Grace Coddington:
"How can you be a fashion editor looking like THAT? Do you have to look like a witch to be a fashion editor??"
Me: No-- but you have to have the personality of a witch.

"Why is she dressed in a sack and sandals? Is that fashion?"
Me: Sometimes if you are surrounded by beautiful and colourful things, you get image overload and the best thing to wear is black.

"Why is her hair like that?"
me: "Her husband is a French hairdresser."
husband: "As in professional wrestler?"
me: "NO!!! HAIRDRESSER!!??"
husband: "Professional??"
me: Not only professional but also famous.
husband: Well it seems he's too busy to do his wife's hair. She might be wearing a wig for this show like when Meryl Streep dyed her hair white for that other movie.

On the last scene where magazines are lined up in the newsstand. Vogue is placed next to Harper's Bazaar:
"The Bazaar cover is so ugly. But if you do 'Fabulous at any age' you'll HAVE to use an old woman...."
(Stephen Gan, your days are numbered...)

Our next fashion feature conversation: Valentino: The Emperor of Fashion.
(I was already asked: Who is darker, Donatella or Valentino? I said that Donatella is NOT DARKER. She's more orange.)
I can't guarantee the same comments but I leave you with what he said when Josie Natori (who he does not know) walked past us: "Was that the night of the living dead that just walked past us?"


I THANK GOD and other major sponsors for his day job.....


Sam said...

This is hilarious. The end of the post was delish! X

Anonymous said...

My husband said the same thing after watching snippets of Valentino: The Last Emperor. Although he was impressed that the models had good-sized t*tt**s.

Chinachix said...

This blog entry is a hoot...but I did enjoy September Issue.

Have you seen any of the Coco movies that seem to be all over Cannes and TIFF lately?

Anonymous said...

Why wasn't Anna Wintour's maid in a uniform?

It is still in best form to dress up your servants in the most expensive clothes, and be quite humble about one's own apparel.

Do you agree, Kitty, or have times really changed?

Cha said...

you're husband is funny... complements the fashionista in you. hahahA!

Rom / Rub according to the barista said...

Hahaha!!! Very funny post. I love your fashion stories and I can't wait to see the movie.

Anonymous said...

i can't stop laughing!!!HILARIOUS!!!my mouth bursts into white snow flakes coz i still have polvoron stuck in it.Keep the stories coming.hahaha!!!

fuchsiaboy said...

lol! the best!