Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Fashion, like life, has a way of getting back at you.
I have wanted an Alaia dress for a very long time(specifically the one worn by Mrs Sarkozy to one of the EU summits last year). But fate has been cruel.
a) I was too fat
b) They didn't have my size
c) Nothing I tried looked good. See point a).

BUT THEN!!! Two weeks ago at Maria Luisa in Lee Gardens Hong Kong, I saw an Alaia calling my name. Of course I didn't buy it right away. Like with buying anything or encountering anything that just screams "This is it" there is a tendency for one to say, 'Naaah!!"

I went back the next day and it fit perfectly. Or so I thought.
When I came out of the dressing room thinking I had on perfection but with a few bits and blubbs surfacing because of the wrong underwear....(yes, and just MAYBE FAT!)
Carmen, my regular salesgirl breezily said, "I assume you'll be wearing a corset under that."
That bad, huh?
The last time this happened was at Lanvin in Taiwan where they salesgirl told me I needed to wear a girdle!! (When I complained to the owner, Wang Shaw Lan, she raised an eyebrow and said, "Maybe you should!")

I had to listen to Carmen because she had the foresight to put me into Haider Ackerman (on sale) three years ago when you couldn't give his stuff away because no one knew him! This is the same Carmen who told me to choose a dramatic Rue du Mail top over a Givenchy one because it was cooler.

Anyway, I'm not wearing a corset or girdle with it. Just seamless underwear.

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Kristine said...

HK sales assistants make better stylists than professional ones here