Wednesday, September 2, 2009


My yoga teachers all know that the reason I started practicing yoga was to lose weight.
After over 5 years of practice, this has not changed. Since found out that I am now closer to the dress size of Beth Ditto than to that of Victoria Beckham, the desire for shrinking my dress size rather than my ego has become more fervent.
Today I discussed this (and also my yoga practice which in NOT coming along well, thank you very much)
Yoga Teacher: ....Let me put it to you this way. You are only borrowing your body from God and who knows for how long. So you have to take care of it while you can and return it to him the same way he gave it to you.
Kitty: Hmmm...Honestly, when I borrow something from someone, I in fact, take better care of the thing than something I own.
YT: (beams) That's the idea! That is a very good attitude.
K: Then I better go back to size 6, the original size I was when God gave me this body. If I borrowed a skinny Rick Owens sweater and returned it an oversized Yohji, that would be wrong.
YT: (long silence) In the Bhagavagita, Krishna says that yoga is not about suffering. We must respect our bodies and know when to simply observe it as an outsider.
K: (long silence) Krishna has never been to Fashion Week. Or a sample sale. You want to see how you can observe bodies as an outsider? Try a fashion party.
Which reminds me, this Friday night is the Chanel party at the new Upper House in Pacific Place.

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fuchsiaboy said...

lol! i really enjoyed this post. :)