Tuesday, September 8, 2009

REGRETS--I've had a few (in the food dept)

SATURDAY, 5 September 2009

QUOTE OF THE WEEKEND: (on the cement industry--hopefully my stomach will be THAT firm)
"Are you guys decorating? No one is buying cement. There is so much cement in China except where they really need it..."
"Uh..no..Unfortunately we are just painting our walls...."

exercise: 1.5 hours hatha yoga
other desperate measures: steam, sauna, dry body brushing, polar temperature water spray on stomach, butt and legs for cellulite

breakfast: kefir, handful of blueberries (for anti-aging and faster fat burning), small slice cranberry raisin bread shared with Tallulah who ate all the raisins, tea with milk no sugar
VERY LATE lunch: 1/2 portion of Indian takeout from 360-basmati rice, chicken curry, soup
dinner: Nora's lentil soup, chef Riccardo's grilled chicken with pesto, green apples, grapes and SMALL piece of soft cheese shared with Sammy and Tallulah (they ate the rind)

SUNDAY, 6 September 2009

exercise: NONE!!
new desperate measure: cellutox seaweed detox wrap@American Club- This has to be the best 700 HKD that I ever spent--you get dry brushed (I'm so experienced!), rubbed with firming body lotion (like it really works!), covered in a seaweed puree then wrapped in heated pads then after showering the gunk off, you get heat-wrapped again just to make sure you completely melt away. Meanwhile, as you cook, you get a facial and head massage.

breakfast: kefir and blueberries, tea with milk, no sugar. I am getting so desperate that I'm eating like a camper lost in the woods.
lunch@American Club: (sinful) turkey burger with swiss cheese, coleslaw and 2 dill pickle slices (about 1/2 of a whole pickle), no fries because they were horrible, 1 glass virgin mary (appetite suppressant but look what it got me!), 1 mug Carlsberg
dinner: leftover lentil soup from Saturday (that's what I get for having a burger), dessert- Nora's chocolate graham brownie (small square)---I know I'm gonna pay with a plus-size waist measurement!

MONDAY, 7 September, 2009

waist measurement (at navel)- surprise!!! 32.5 inches. Allah akbar, Buddha be praised! The miracle of the seaweed detox and the Thai healer has happened!!

exercise: 20 mins on the maximum incline on the treadmill (I hate the treadmill!!)

breakfast: kefir, large papaya shake from MIX
lunch with the KiTty@ HK-FCC: vegetarian hot and sour soup, hainan chicken rice no skin, ONE scoop Ben and Jerry's Karamel Sutra (sex and the starving....)
dinner: broccoli soup, grilled courgettes with lemon (v. exciting!), sauteed green beens and carrots, Chinese pear for dessert (This diet is the closest you get to death and disappointment within the same body at the same time)
The dogs and my husband had chicken stuffed with Thai basil while I watched with hunger in my eyes.

TUESDAY, 8 September 2009

exercise: 10 mins on the treadmill because I didn't know how to work it. By the time I plugged in the headphones, looked for a channel that wasn't sports, tried and failed to set the treadmill right, it was 15 minutes. I was sweating just from trying to operate the treadmill!!
1 hour Pilates Group Reformer

breakfast: kefir, ONE butter croissant, very little butter and honey, tea with milk no sugar, orange juice
lunch: cucumber salad, bean sprouts with carrots shared with dogs, fried tofu, 1 spoonful red (unpolished) rice, Chinese pear for dessert

Who knows what we will have for dinner or if I'll still be alive!!
Next week I will be in Los Angeles and New York where their dining motto is: Look, don't touch.


Marathon Foodie said...

Hey Kitty,

Maybe you can include Shaun T.'s Hiphop abs along with your yoga and teadmill sessions. It is an easy and quick way to trim the abs minus the sit-ups and crunches.

Good luck!

Cha said...

hi Kitty,
I'd suggest drinking oolong tea after dinner helps in weight loss.
made a big mistake of drinking 1 glass of it, and been to the toilet a few times tonight.

or how about big lunch and no dinner or just having fruits for dinner instead (or protein shake)? you'll lose faster without all the processes. Cheers!