Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Monday was the first day of Operation Flabby Freedom, a two week program from 31 August to 14 September where I am hoping to go back to the size that I have been accustomed to.

Why 14 September? Because that is when I start travelling again and will have no time for daily torture.

Let's see if I end up meeting my target of qualifying for UN Food Aid.

31 August 2009, Monday:

waistline (at navel line for objectivity) - the diameter of East Timor not including forests and ocean rights
inches of flab: almost 2

exercise: 1.5 hours of ashtanga yoga
breakfast: kefir (live bacteria---the better to eat you, my dear)
Lunch with the KiTty @ HK-FCC (Foreign Correspondent's Club): vegetarian hot and sour soup, hainan chicken rice with cucumbers and chinese broccoli
dinner: (I can't remember---I can feel the diet is working already! On my brain)

01 September 2009, Tuesday:
Today's quote (on when rich families lose their fortune):
Confucius say, "When a ship sinks there are still nails left." I think in English it's better to replace nails with floating planks or lifeboats.

waistline - too scared to face another reality BUT my Lanvin jeans from Ete 2004 which was tight dernier Ete fit today!

exercise: 1 hour Pilates Reformer, 20 laps (15 mins) swimming bec I had lunch date---see below, 1 hour BEGINNERS ashtanga yoga

breakfast: kefir (it's alive!)
Lunch with the KiTty@Sevva, the overpriced and overrated restaurant at the top floor of Prince's building: 1/2 Ms B's Favourite Turkey sandwich (the B stands for boring because I have not had anything so flavourless in my life), 2 pcs salt and vinegar chips--I think they are cheap ones from Walker's, 1/2 serving Chinese fish broth with glass noodles and lemongrass, 1/2 serving of coffee crunch cake (a weak copy of the one from the Philippines), digestive tea
After you see the bill, you're going to need it. HKD 800 for 2 people. No booze, no soda, no cocktails.
press briefing at Kotur: 1/2 small bottle Perrier, refused macaroons from Robuchon
dinner@home: Nora's chicken soup with carrots and corn, melon for dessert

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crystal_farmer said...

i never thought in my life that i would dole out diet advice, but...

...swimming tends to make a lot of people of hungry (including me), so you may want to try other cardio work. stairmaster, perhaps?

...and (this works for me at least), eating a little something between meals keeps me from getting so hungry at mealtime that i can live with smaller portions.