Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Before we get into a discussion of the latest news in fashion---believe me, there is not much because no one is shopping (more on that in the next entry) and everyone is in denial that no one is spending money....(But meanwhile, in HK we are buying stocks and property!)
Let me quickly bring to your attention a quote by Noy Noy Aquino from today's Philippine Daily Inquirer. Noy Noy is the son of the late Benigno (Ninoy) and the 'recently late' former Philippine president Corazon (Cory)Aquino. In the tradition of Third World (ahem--yet to be emerging economies) political dynasties, the "kid stays in the picture..."
From the paper:
While he was comfortable talking about politics, (Noy Noy) Aquino wants to keep his love life private. He said he already asked his youngest sister and popular TV host Kris not discuss his love life in public .
“I talked to my sister and I did ask her that’s the part of my life that I want to be private as it can’t develop in the public like in a fishball . I think she understood it…She texted me and apologized,” said the senator.
(The lady in the foreground who is desperately trying to remove the fake lashes that dropped into her eye is his sister, the chat show host, Kris)
(I'm he meant fish BOWL....)
I have four names for you: (two are American)
George Bush, Caroline Kennedy, PLUS Taro Aso, Segolene Royal, Joseph Estrada...Why must the Philippines always copy Americans even if they are wrong? (Look where their economic model got them)


fuchsiaboy said...

maybe he truly meant 'fishball'? kasi di ba from a gooey thing the fishball hardens into a ball when deep fried. ah, whatevs...;)

Anonymous said...

gosh,fuchsiaboy is sooo right...hehehe

Maricel Kathrina Victorina said...

actually, it was reported that noynoy was misquoted. he really meant "fish bowl". got the info from