Friday, September 4, 2009


THURSDAY, 03 September 2009
Quote of the day: (on changing a career)
"I don't think I'll leave banking because I'm not really a creative person but I would like a job with more regular hours and less stress. Like being a tea lady at Goldman."
(With their janitors getting a USD 300,000 bonus, how can you not?)
Outfit: I barely squeezed into a pair of Malo cotton city shorts (read: granny) so I had to hide the baguette sized roll with a blouson Little Joe silk chiffon top.
exercise: 1.5 hours of ashtanga yoga on the easy side due to hangover
other desperate measures: steam, sauna, and to get thin: dry body brushing, swan neck faucet on my tummy, paralyzing cold gush shower (as in Michael Jackson and Bubbles cryogenic freezing) on stomach, thighs and butt to prevent cellulite....and your ability to walk.
Breakfast: kefir
Lunch with the KiTty@Duo in Sheung Wan:
gazpacho, one trip to the salad bar, a single twirl of a friend's pesto pasta, coffee with milk
Before dinner drink: tomato juice with black radish concentrate --an appetite supperesant and liver cleanser
Dinner@Zuma in Central: (NO BOOZE, only Japanese tea all night): corn miso, oshinko mixed pickles, assorted tuna sushi, Zuma salad
FRIDAY, 04 September 2009
waistline: 33.5 inches (this diet and exercise program is obviously NOT working but I feel flatter. Not thinner but FLATter)
Quote of the day: (on the thin line between being in love and being a sucker)
There is a Chinese saying (no kidding, look it up!) "There ain't nuttin' wrong with bein' a suckah as long as you willingly allow yourself to be suckered."
Outfit: (I'm ashamed to admit): khaki shorts and Ganesh yoga tee-shirt
Exercise: 1.5 hours of rigorous led-Ashtanga Primary series class (I almost died but I had an out of body experience when I saw my waist measurement--I wanted to get out of my body),
1 hour Pilates mat class
Desperate measures: Aside from repeating the entire spa procedure I did yesterday, I went to see a Thai healer who used Tibetan sound therapy and breathing techniques to balance my energy and gave me a REALLY painful massage to release toxins, gas and hopefully 33 inches of fat.
Breakfast: kefir
Snack: half a handful of Monica's dried fruit mix (she chopped them up and mixed them) because that's all I had in my handbag to chew on aside from leather.
Lunch@ the extremely late hour of 3PM: tuna and tomato foccaccia from Robuchon
Dinner: noodles with stir fried veggies and sweet potato leaf salad, bowl of cherries for dessert
I did not go to the Chanel party at Upper House tonight because I am ashamed to admit, I would rather stay home reading about Brooke Astor, Ruth Madoff, Larry King and the couture in the Vanity Fair with Farah Fawcett on the cover. Oh yes, and Grazia with Victoria Beckham and her weight loss problems on the cover. You either lose or you don't.....
Which reminds me of another Chinese saying, "In every feud there is a scholar."
Victoria Beckham gets a double doctorate from Oxbridge for weight loss.

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