Thursday, September 3, 2009

Even my waist measurement is aging

Today's quote: (on gossip on a scandal)
"You DON'T KNOW?? That came out three months ago!!"
"In the PAPERS!!???"
"No, from my mouth."

waistline (at navel) - 33 inches (Gaak!!! At least it is not 666 or 88)
flab - unchanged at 2"

exercise: 1. 5 hours ashtanga yoga including 15 mins rest and gossiping while on headstand
Yogic-ally, this is not allowed but if you're not bitching and it's only you, a chatty classmate, the teacher and Shiva, it should be okay. This is in contrast to dinner, see below where you'll only be invited if you can't say anything nice about anyone.

Breakfast: kefir, masala tea and 1/2 banana cake from Spice Box@360
Lunch with the KiTty@home: 1/2 pc. grilled chicken (half the size of my palm) with the other half going to the dogs, salad with raspberry vinaigrette, more masala tea, melon for dessert
Dinner@FCC-HK: tapas (1pc fish cake, 1/2 gherkin, 1 sml slice pita bread with hummus, 1 pc fried mushroom), small tomato and onion pizza w/o eating crusts, 3 bottles chardonnay/3 ppl= 1 bottle per person (BIG mistake!!)

1 comment:

Cha said...

I can't believe you gained weight?! But as long as you're still able to do the headstand, then that's okay.
about your meal, the champagne definitely did it!
although I don't like the taste of masala tea, its too milky..