Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I am soon to embark on a six-week, six (or seven)-city family trip which involves seeing my family (read: husband) for only a few days in two cities. If we see each other more often, by the end of six weeks, our family vacation will end up as a broken home.

Not that the dogs will care.

This whirlwind journey involves major European and American cities, the mountains and the tropics, much like a Michael Jackson concert tour without the entourage and plastic surgeons but just as many costume changes.

Because September is a transitional time and I am going to travel through four different climates (six if you count London), I think I won't be able to get around the costumes. Therefore the beauty kit is going to have to suffer.

I have my wardrobe sort of planned out but my usual (read: heavy) cosmetic and wash bag need a major cull and I have narrowed my kit to five items. These five items have already been on my mind for sometime (with some changes over the years) because my husband asked me to be ready with ONLY THREE (but I bargained for five) beauty items to bring if we EVAH took the Siberian Express (his dream journey, my nightmare).

One of my friends actually took this trip on her honeymoon (they are still married) and from how she describes the accomodations, it was especially created in traditional German transport style from the time of the Nazis.....for the Jews.

Whether there is sun or not (it will be worse if there was snow), I'm going to need at least SPF 15 and this is by far the most expensive and important cosmetic I will be bringing.
This is probably the cheapest and the best. Who hasn't used Nivea in the blue tin for both face and body? (How come I couldn't find any at Boots in Knightsbridge?)
It's stinky but it's the best for very dry skin and as a lip moisturizer. Since I'm not going to be with my husband very much, he won't get to smell this and if ever we go on the Siberian Express, I'm sure there will be worse aromas enveloping us.

Bath and shower gel, shampoo, toothpaste, detergent all in one. Plus it's organic and cruelty-free. My trip will have more things that can go wrong than this product.

A friend gave me a small bottle of this for bumps on my forearms and it works beyond that---a bath oil, cellulite oil, anti-scarring, anti-aging for face and body.
Now that I have enumerated my FIVE BEST, I fear that I may have to get the rest at airport Duty Free.


Ire said...

Honey, I have a three-letter word for you: DHL; or some other air courier (including Johnny Air if you're swinging by Manille). I do a lot of intercontinental travel myself (and I'm not even in the airline business) but I make it a point to have my various well-coordinated wardrobes travel ahead of me so I don't anguish over airport (in)formalities. Let the plebs submit to inspections. I need that time to bee-line to the airport's retail area and pore over the magazine stands.

Daraga said...

I swear by Nivea Cream!

first name said...

no creme de la mer kitty?


by the way, i'm a guy. irish spring, toothbrush and deodorant, that's it.