Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I cannot recommend this book enough.
I am only on page 43 (because I had other more important reading to do such as 2 months worth of back issues of UK Grazia and The Week) but I am already 'taking today and tomorrow off' to continue reading this book which may be the worst or the best (we'll see!) publicity for French manhood.
What's a book about France without being rude about the English?
The writer is an English woman divorced from her French husband and the whole book is rude about....well, we shall see....
"It was B., for instance, who told me the preferred euphemism used by RG (French secret police) spooks to indicate the subject of their memo was homosexual: 'He is partial to the English style of life."
Even my husband, who is English, found it funny.
In fact, last night, he looked up from his boring Churchill's Bunker book (which I gave him) and said, "I want to read that after you..."

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