Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Life in the last two weeks was relatively uneventful except for a week's trip to Taipei for a workshop with RICHARD FREEMAN. He's a great teacher but frankly, after this, I won't be attending any yoga workshops soon.

He is living proof that yoga (and perhaps living in Boulder, Colorado) keeps you young. Wouldn't you want to look like this if you were over 60 and can easily do a back bend?

Meanwhile, life in the NEXT TWO WEEKS will probably be even more uneventful as we retreat to the French Alps, also known as our bunker in case the world goes into chaos which means we need to start stocking up on guns and ammo. Notice all that land where I can plant vegetables in case of famine in the free world. (Think: escape plan for 2012--or thereabouts...) Plus our dogs can enter France without quarantine.
I did read some very interesting ideas, apropos for today's life in the international fast lane and/or characters of dubious backgrounds and financial sources of which the world has more than the environment can handle:
(From my favourite media cheat sheet, The Week of 13 June 2009)
"Changing your accent is like using tinted contact lenses: pointless, odd and everyone can always tell." -India Knight in the (London) Sunday Times
To the (London) Times from NWP Cole, London
On British English (but applicable to any culture)
"...When a country abandons its own language, it abandons its identity and culture...far more worrying is the loss of our cultural independence to the United States."
And one final book recommendation before we break for the summer: Pharmakon

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