Thursday, May 14, 2009


The Tallulah-saurus Rex after her fight with Manny Pacquiao in the KO in HK where she won hands down, no contest...a bandaged foot in the shape of a lightbulb.

The Tallulah-Saurus Rex (TSR), as regular readers will recognize, was the French denim-clad door bitch at her sister, Sammy Doggis Jr's exclusive 15th birthday party in Hong Kong.

TSR is officially known as Tallulah Butthead II (the First died of a hemmorhage) named after notorious film star Tallulah Bankhead who reputedly slept with 500 men. But TSR, despite having many admirers, was spayed early. So naturally she is still a virgin at 12 (or 84 in human years).

She lost a claw last Sunday while chasing a wild cat through the woods. If she caught it on a clipboard, it would not have been so bad.

Before that, I cancelled a much-awaited trip to Tokyo because this normally healthy dog suddenly contracted erlichia canis, a tick-borne blood disease which is rare in developed countries.

Years ago, the vet under national health care in Taiwan (their city hospital puts some human US and UK hospitals to shame) identified Sammy as a carrier not TSR and of course, believed that she caught it in the Philippines (where else?). The internet says Vietnam is another potential area but the dogs have never been there.

TSR had a three-week treatment course and just as soon as she got well, she gets a white boxing glove on her foot. Now she can't even play pool with the toothless billiards champ Efren Reyes. But she can win in a biting competition.

Bear with me as I need hours, days to figure out how blogging works.

I still have to put up the 'immovable' entry on the left-hand column on DJ MONTANO, the scammer who did a runner. Like the Angel of Debt in HK, yet another Filipino is setting up shop outside the Philippines to cheat others abroad.

But tips including photos have been coming into


Anonymous said...

We're so excited for yet another chizmizz!!!i guess we all have an idea who is the next Angel?

DJ Montano?!still exist?

Poor TSR...she looks vulnerable.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that you caught TSR's bout with erlychia early. Canine distemper is scarier. I hope your readers will be alerted into avoiding this supposedly pet haven along C-5. I brought my young min-pin there and she caught both erlychia and canine distemper.

Rosanna said...

mama kitty,

welcome back! its been ages. im one of your biggest fans. could i request you to write something about "landing your dream job". I like your wine review 101. its one of your best articles. it truly helped me polish my wining skills. all the best madam.

cherie said...

i hope TSR gets well soon!

waterdrop said...

guys sino yung angel of debt?????? i cant find it at donavictoria... help please...