Tuesday, April 28, 2009


There is a first time for everything and today was the first time I ever had a professional fake tan sprayed on. I usually do it myself using a cocktail of Clarins or Nature's Gate self-tanner and lotion. I know I posted a picture of Boracay but sadly, I am not going there. I'm going to another place where everyone and their boat is perennially tanned---Sydney. The other place is Los Angeles but since everyone is busy getting swine flu instead of a tan, Porky Pig might displace Zac Efron as king of Hollywood.
BUT I had to put up a photo of Boracay because something very important is happening there later this week. (Aside from the island slowly disappearing like Venice, Amsterdam and maybe Singapore....)
My friends at www.donavictorina.blogspot.com are hosting the FIRST BORACAY BLOGGERS ENCOUNTER which aims to educate people on the island's environmental destruction. Tsk, tsk, tsk..Did we have to ruin it???....(Yet another first!)
The highlight of this 2-day event (30 April and 1 May) is a forum moderated by my friend and lawyer for the right reasons, Atty Trixie Angeles. "Environmental Laws Affecting Boracay" will be held on 30 April from 6-9PM. Discussions will be live in person in Boracay and via Skype and YM.
As much as I would like to join, I won't be able to because a) my Skype is busted and b) how can I join anything tech-y if I can't even turn on our TV? Now you can add iPod to the list.
There will also be a party and commitment signing on the evening of 1 May.
Please call or text (63)2-332 1031 ext 107 or (63)920-902 6583 for more information.