Thursday, April 23, 2009


What did you kids think of this US Vogue May 2009 issue? I am asking about the ISSUE, not the cover. (Personally, I don't care about covers. You can give me the table of contents as cover and I'll be just as happy)

Aside from looking at the pictures, didja read anything? I didn't. In fact, I HATED this issue. I didn't even bother with the pictures because I didn't get any interesting information (or even good clothes) from them. The only thing this issue did was remind me to buy peonies (from Norwich Notes).

Who cares about who these models are dating if you can't tell one from the other? Plus the boys look like girls. Why do I want to read about pregnancy when that's my biggest nightmare? I don't need tips from models because they are miles taller and 1000 times prettier than me.

I want tips from Daphne Guinness and Amanda Harlech!!!

The only feature I liked was the excerpt from "The Bolter" by Frances Osborne (aka Mrs George Osborne, Mr. being UK shadow chancellor of the Exchequer from the Osborne and Little family of decorative furnishings).

I've never appreciated actors, models and reality TV celebrities because they got there on luck or looks or both. Not ability, effort or intelligence. (I also hate talent shows because talent, like beauty and luck, is God-given and I think people who receive gifts from God already have a leg up over people like me who went to the bathroom when those talents were being handed out)

Give me Ari Gold's and Lloyd's hardworking Hollywood ways any day. And as much as people hate bankers and lawyers.....They really work hard, hokay???

NOW THIS, I really enjoyed reading. Lots of information on the environment (topics like eco-cosmetics, product quality standards, the good-looking Cousteau family, sustainable fashion and beauty businesses, water therapy) and also the feature on the top 13 water experts. Don't say you didn't hear it from me but water is going to be what the next war will be on.

I didn't read the cover feature on Drew Barrymore because I don't read about celebrities. I wait for people to tell oral history.

Meanwhile, I have cancelled my subscription to W, preferring to read it in the bookstores because last year they had all these issues with 'artistic' type photography of Angelina by Brad, Brad by Brad, an opera singer who looked like a man and other blurry-type photos.

I'd rather go through a catalogue where I can see clothes clearly anyday.

Now excuse me while I go TRY TO BUY something today if there is anything good at retail.
Will report from behind the racks later.


Twilight Zone said...

hahahaha you are damn right gurl.

Daraga said...

so good to have you back, madame kitty!

since water is increasingly becoming more and more privatized, pretty soon we'll be drinking filtered water from the sea!

with climate change, central mindanao is going to experience more flooding, which will make poor people there poorer, and before you know we have another war in our hands.

wen za book comin' out?

Anonymous said...

Carine Roitlfeld should helm Vogue for pete's sake!Ana Wintour featured girls like Kate,Nicole,Sienna,Reese over and over again.She needs to rest as EIC of the fashion bible.I would love to get some advice from Daphne Guinness also.Cecilia Dean and Stephen Gan will do the tricks for me.