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I originally wanted to discuss Stephen Roach's (chairman of Morgan Stanley Asia) column from yesterday's Financial Times but I think Da Who is Chikatime is much more newsworthy than boring world trade and they can fight it out even more next month at the G20 in London. After this whole economic debacle, we will have G2000 as that will be the only fashion brand the world will be able to afford.

OH MY GAS!!! It was impossible for me to get a turn at my own computer what with the Patola Vine monitoring AND taking calls on MY phone. I had to disconnect its phone late last year when I found out we didn't have enough money for fertilizer.
Chances are, if you are a regular reader of this blog, you would already have known to go into DV's site because I only mentioned it TWICE in the last few days. If not, don't bother making tea. Close this page now and quickly clickety click on DV's site then have your maid bring you tea.
Gorrell has finally spilled the beans. Chikatime = Bryan Boy. Why are we NOT surprised?

I knew that sometime late last year but I was told 'not to tell.' Of course, since I am so trustworthy (as in my lips are sealed this time) I did not tell anyone. Especially NOT the Patola Vine since that thing is the creepy-crawliest plant I've ever known. Everyone complains that it talks too much. So much so that we are now banned from one of the public areas of the Hong Kong Foreign Correspondent's Club.
There are several general issues I want to address from the Comments section on DV:
As it is, the DV comment section is so active (50 something vs Francis Magalona's 8 tells you that the Chikatime entry is on speed...) that I don't want to interfere.
1) That Brian Gorrell may not have written the piece. As a new member of the DV Council, like the original editorial board, I get to read important entries that are scheduled for publication. Gorrell DID write most of the piece but, like most stories that go into papers, there were some very minor edits. Someone once told me, "If they criticize you for grammar, that means they have nothing bad to say...."
What the hell do you think the editors are there for? Do you-s actually THINK that whatever Jason Blair turned in to his New York Times editor was printed as is? (Well, look at what happened to Jason Blair at may edit na yan, ha!)
Well, I can talk but truthfully, I do nothing but sit in my dog-print pajamas while the rest of the Council works.
2) That DV and Gorrell have been very inconsiderate seeing as there was a death in BB's family. The idea for this story was planned weeks in advance. It was written, read and edited to coincide with DV's first anniversary. In fact, the editors have been kind. If they really wanted to cause BB misery, they could have published it on his birthday which is next week (or the following week).
3) What's in it for Gorrell or DV? Honestly, nothing. (Well, it probably helps that BB offended him and scores of other people) DV strives to deliver social and political stories on lies, debauchery, pretentiousness, carnality, etc...and most of the public seems to think BB epitomizes those qualities. The DV Council has debated on the importance of this topic but bottom line, IT IS A STORY. And a good/controversial one!
4) But we loved Chikatime! I did, Gorrell did and we admit it. I stand by my praise for the site's content--hilarious prose that accompanied incriminating photos. I still wish I was able to do something like it. But what many did not like was BB's betrayal of long and sincere friendships at the cost of this site.
5) The point of the Chikatime 'reveal' was also to deter future 'anonymous bloggers.' Why did I even bring this up when posters were mostly 'anonymous?"
Why was I not surprised that BB was behind Chikatime? I am used to the world of pretense and backstabbing. Even if I did not get negative exposure at Chikatime, I always thought I would be next just because of my books and this blog. Or my eye make-up.
Maybe it was because BB asked me about listing a Chikatime-type blog in HK to avoid lawsuits but never did it. Perhaps he saw no reason to, having been there, done that.


The Victorina Council said...

You got right on the money!


fried-neurons said...

You're being a bit disingenuous here, Kitty. You were a very big supporter of Chikatime in its heyday, as all your regular readers know. Now write your latest post, implying that you were also a bit queasy and just waiting for the other shoe to drop (i.e. for Chikatime to turn around and attack you). It just doesn't ring true. Were it not for the fact that your blog has no advertising, the cynic in me would've said that you and DV were only doing this do drive up your page views and ad revenue. But since that is not the case, it smells a bit like malice, to be honest.

Gorrell was, at the height of his blog's infamy, supported by Chikatime in a big way.

So, I'm not sure what Gorrell's motives are. All I'm certain of is that he's not driven by pure journalistic instincts or some quixotic quest for "the truth". It could be a quest to regain the level of attention he and his blog once enjoyed, or it could be something else. Whatever his motive was, it wasn't pure.

I'm a regular reader of your blog AND of Bryanboy's. Both blogs are pure mindless entertainment for me. Nothing more, nothing less. I also read DV to a lesser extent. (I find many of their posts self-righteous, holier-than-thou, and scolding, so I don't visit that often.

Anyway, I don't really give a crap whether it's true that BB is indeed Chikatime. I'm just asking an honest question about what drove you and the "DV Council" to do this. This whole "we wanted a big article to celebrate the anniversary" is a load of crap.

Oh, and might I ask what Gorrell and DV's proof is? Hard proof, not hearsay? You all should publish it if you guys are really all about truth and transparency.

CaloocanYouthWatch said...

I like bryan boy now that I know that he is also chikkatime...Its seems like almost everybody knows about this already last year but still kept quiet about it, DV just confirmed it

toyomansi said...

Amen to fried-neurons. I'm currently studying overseas so I need to get my Pinoy Pop fix.

I love Kitty Go and Bryanboy's writing style. They're not pretentious and they're not in for some noble, righteous reason. It's bubbly online entertainment in between classes.

While I understand that they do have solid proof (my bestfriend, who's in the inside circle has logs), the big effing question is why now?

pm said...

Right on the Money Fried-Neurons!

becomingstrange said...
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Anonymous said...

BB is biatch!!!a fabulous biatch!we still love him.

Twilight Zone said...

sigh, unfortunately CT was already closed when i landed to the land of the blogger, late bloomer hehe.

JJ Mckay said...

I knew that Bryanboy was Chikatime a LOOOOOOONG Time ago. I also knew that when Chuvaness found out about the Bryanboy Chikatime connection... BB started freaking out and opened the Haterhate blog to harass Chuvaness AND Bryan Gorrell by the way. Which is pretty bitchy and evil Is BB a gemini?!