Sunday, March 1, 2009


HOKAY EVERYONE! As this blog is better known for rumor rather than truth (wink!wink!), it's high time someone asked me to make a correction.
The highly recommended HIV advice website is really the creation of CHOLO LAUREL, not Brian Gorrell and Shola Luna. They simply 'work there.'
PS--In my last post, I briefly discussed the sale held by the 'two poufs,' Yves Saint Laurent and Pierre Berge. The sale alone shattered so many records including the already eye-popping estimated EU 2-3 million (euros pala, not USD) for an Eileen Gray chair that went for---hold on to your jewelled Hermes belt buckle---EU 21.9 million!!!
In death, as in life, Yves Saint Laurent never failed to make an impression.


Brian Shane said...

Thanks Kitty for helping me promote

The new issue comes out in days....

it really is the best on line reference for people with and without HIV.

Thanks again Kitty.

Anonymous said...

I haven't check the site yet.I read about the auction on IHT website.The amount was staggering.It can pay half(well,not really) the Philippines debt and bigger than the ZTE scandal if all itms will be auctioned off including BERGE!

shola luna said...

thank you so much kitty,i miss you girl!its been a long time ha!any wat i work in rotm as a volunteer hope you can visit!MWAH!god bless! shola luna!keep in touch!