Sunday, March 1, 2009


Sometimes even the fabulous not only fall from fashion but FAIL in fashion.
Credit crunch or not, my husband always manages to bring my lofty fashion choices back to earth. He also happens to be the one who pays my bills so being a resident fashion critic only brings his bank balance great advantage.
But I must say.... He does have an 'eye'......Well, not really....Eye-wan!
It DOES help to have an outside opinion. On Adidas by Stella McCartney (above): I have a similar one to this in black and was asked, 'Why are you wearing a garbage bag over your gym clothes? It doesn't even fit well!"
Aaaahh! Marni. The favourite of fashionistas but I never felt is was 'me.' I did, however, manage to buy an Aegean blue and white double-faced linen jacket with frayed and exposed seams similar to the one above. I loved the jacket which was reversible (well, sort of), easy to wear with everything and most of all did not wrinkle. Since I thought this jacket was such a great deal, I decided to wear it one weekend at breakfast:
H: Did you buy that at one of the sample sales? Why do you look like you just had a fight?
K: No. Why, does it look cheap?
H: I only hope you didn't pay very much for it. Who in their right mind would sell something that looks like an unfinished tailor's muslin? And YOU bought it!
K: It's reversible.
H: It reverses from bad to worse. I don't want to ever se it again.
K: (deadma nalang because all you followers of fashion know how much these things cost)
Because of this, that particular jacket only comes out at fashion events and lunches with fags. I did think of bringing it with me on a press trip to Indonesia because I figured if I was going to a poor country, I might as well look poh! Well, this is what transpired between me and a straight male business reporter on the way back to Hong Kong.
Reporter: (serioso siya, ha...) I hope you don't mind me asking but what happened to your jacket? Are you going to get it mended in Hong Kong?
Kitty: Nothing happened to this jacket. It's the look.
R: Is looking poor the latest style?
K: I assure you, it will be soon. You'll read about it in the Financial Times.
(The stock market collapsed the following week)
My husband on Giuseppe Zanotti (below):
H: SIX THOUSAND HK dollars for a pair of sandals with TWO strips of leather?
K: Yes.
H: Are the diamonds real? Because if they are real then it's a great deal.
(This is the same person who said of the Hermes Birkin, "SEVEN THOUSAND EUROS for a bag? Are the fastenings made of gold? Because gold (at that time) is only trading at 600 USD an ounce and I don't see an ounce in there...."
(Well gold is now 1200 USD an ounce. Maybe it's time to buy! The Birkin, I mean.... )
COMMERCIAL MUNA: Moles in Missoni or Margiela who have nothing good to say, want to 'report' social atrocities, society misdemeanors and/or crimes of the pseudo-fashionable, please send emails to: I'll be waiting by the phone....ay


Anonymous said...

Husband is very funny in a good way!!!hahaha!!!Keep those fashion stories coming.

fuchsiaboy said...

omg! im rolling on the floor laughing. eyelabseeet!

a junya watanabe jacket can get the same effect as the marni. it can even give you the mamaw look like pieces from comme. kebs!

pag ayaw mo na sa marni akin na lang hehehe