Thursday, March 5, 2009


The world has lost confidence (and money) in itself and in retail and now the Philippine government (the most un-high tech in the world) wants to shut us up!! Not only traditional media but also blogs!!

The Pinoy government is so low-tech that it was not affected by the millenium bug because they didn't have any computers. My husband loves to tell the story of the time he was waiting to see the Central Bank governor and in the waiting area (of course they waited for hours) all they saw was a stream of people going back and forth carrying heaps of paper.

I think he knew Toto was not in Geneva anymore.....

The government (the houses of Snake-nete and Tongress to you and me) is planning to pass The Right to Reply Bill. This bill, with its misleading name, actually DOES NOT give the media any rights at all. (Anyone else can reply. Just not the media)
Here is the executive summary (or at least what I understand) without the legalese that drives everyone mad:
The bill states that technically, ANYONE--public and private individuals and corporations have 'the right to reply' to ---wait for it----situations where they are accused directly, indirectly, or by innuendo, suggestion or RUMOR! – of having committed a crime, of committing a crime, or of intending to commit a crime OR for ANY LAPSE IN BEHAVIOR in public OR PRIVATE! (basically, it covers everything including whether or not you had butter with your pan de sal for breakfast)

This reply can be done if "the accusation, innuendo, suggestion or rumor was published or printed in publications circulated commercially or for free or broadcast over radio, television, WEBSITES, or through ANY ELECTRONIC DEVICE."
(I am assuming that includes blogs)

The reply has to be given equal space FREE OF CHARGE in the same medium as the original piece or broadcast. Since this covers everything and anything that involves people and/or people having sex with animals, the only topics left for public discussion are fashion and beauty as long as the make-up artist doesn't say you are ugly.

And BEFORE this NON-RETROACTIVE rule takes effect, let me just say kudos to Millet Mananquil who got it right all this time because she can still continue to charge PR people per column inches because she doesn't cover news or showbiz.

And BEFORE this NON-RETROACTIVE rule takes place, may I request the residents of 44 Pili in South Forbes to please pay your contractors the money you owe them.

You can check out the massive house that looks as big as a resort on their architect's webiste, Click on "Works" then "Recent Projects."

You'll see Joey de Venecia III's house in the first image. That's NOT the one.
It's the second one...Under Gem Equities/Eusebio Garcia.
If you built such a beautiful house, why were contractors not paid? Ex-deal ba yan with builders? (Pang Millet Mananquil lang yan!) Is this your idea of living like a king---in ancient Egypt using slave labour?

Uhh...also...The house is beautiful....Can I come for tea???

Yan lang pow.....

Before I close (I might end up having to permanently close with that stupid Right to Reply Bill) I have another one of my husband-fashion stories which seem so popular with readers.
At Lane Crawford, we saw a Judith Leiber bag similar to this---a feline evening bag with eyes.
(What was HE doing at Lane Crawford? Taking a short cut to the gym!)
H: That small thing is 45,000 HKD (about 5000 USD)????!! WHY!??
K: It's Judith Leiber... Handmade. ..Austrian crystals.
(long, long silence as he stares at the cat without touching it in case he breaks it....)
H: Well at least do the EYES MOVE?
K: No and the only things that should move now are us if we are not going to buy it.


boldstar said...

wow pili road 4bes park!!!! BUT ma'am have you seen 14 pili 4bes park? reminding me of a hotel somewhere hehehehe........

Daraga said...

welcome back madame kitty! na miss kita. can't wait to read more of new patola vine stories...when is your 3rd book coming out?

Daraga said...

welcome back madame kitty. as always you made my day! cant' wait for your third book!

fuchsiaboy said...

i love all your hubby stories!

Verushka said...

Don't pay any attention to what they write about you. Just measure it in inches."

- Andy Warhol