Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I just came home from a glamorous lunch at a very glamorous restaurant with equally glamorous people from a glamorous (genuinely) INTERNATIONAL brand.
After talking about the entire luxury business over lunch plus using my horrifying French at a post-lunch-new-baby-social call (complete with cadeau pour les enfant de Jacadi)---
I ALMOST THREW UP LAUGHING....I SNORTED, I COUGHED and I CHOKED until my maid started screaming with fear that I was dying......
When I saw an entry on 'international' designer Boyet Fajardo on it and weep! hahaha!!)
Inter-na---wut!!??? OH MY GAS!!! MY stomach is now FULL OF GAS!!!! I think my heart is gonna stop!!!!
In it, the 'international' cotourier (on Friendster)/designer's spokesman issued an apology saying Boyet Fajardo's unspeakable behaviour towards the staff at Duty Free was a 'creative outburst...'
CREATIVE OUTBURST!!??? What was so creative about shopping at Duty Free that necessitated an outburst?? Deciding on whether to buy Johnnie Walker Black or Red? Or Toblerone milk, dark or white??? Large or small Kisses?
Creative outburst!!! Jesus H Christ!!! When JHC was giving out creativity I really think Boyet was too-Fajardo to even get a drop!!! Creative outburst!! This blog has more creative outburst than a zipper from his line!!!
I did have an outburst, though. An outburst of laughter. AND I literally burst out of my Chloe paperbag linen trousers and had to get into an old Isabel Marant pair!!!
Then it gets funnier...The piece goes on to say that he is an international Filipino designer who sells to Switzerland (where the population is at an all time high of 1o0 and the age demographic is between 65 and death) and United Arab Emirates (the perfect market for a Boyet Fajardo creation where you can hide fashion don'ts under a black bedsheet )
I am so speechless and my eyesight is blinded by tears in my eyes from laughing that I can't even type!! I'm drowning in the glass of water I just drank. Shouldn't have done that if I had known what I was gonna read!!
THEN it gets EVEN funnier: "He said the online petitioners should consider Fajardo's rising international status before pursuing the boycott."
Rising from what?? The ashes like a phoenix or from an oversized clam like Venus??
What is it about 'international' that I am not understanding???
HOOKAY--Hookay-hahaha---I should not have said I wish Boyet Fajardo goes out of business because in fact, he shows so much promise for another type of business....
I think Mr Fajardo and his spokesman should consider a job in stand-up comedy because I'm still laughing and my new Colossal Volume mascara is running....(like the way people are from his clothes!!!)
Oh My GAWD!! My lipstick is smeared (like Boyet Fajardo's reputation) and now I look like a clown (Mr Fajardo's next career)!!!
Boyet, babeh...You make me more than smile!! I'm fuckin' laughing my eyes out and already they are TINY!! I've got nuttin' left!!!


Twilight Zone said...

hahahaha now im really laughing outloud hahaha

Daraga said...

Creative outburst? What a really bad choice for a euphemism because incomprehensible. What part of Boyet's outburst was creative? He is not creative to begin with (look at his designs) and the outburst was totally unoriginal. Ask a person to kneel? Even our telenovelas have moved on from that. So 80s!

And if I were Boyet, I'd fire my PR consultant for not making me shave before my TV interview!

Brian Shane said...

Great entry Kitty.

Sam said...

Miss Kitty, the Chuvaness post was hilarious!!! I choked on my pita, sneezed it out and rolled and laughed so hard, they thought I had a sudden seizure.

Creative outburst kasi artist daw sha!! Artist, my ass!

Whether it's welcome or dreaded, the internet is the right forum for BF to be judged, by a jury of his non-peers, some kapwa maldita but, more tactful.

Noong panahon ng aking kabataan, ang Human Rights Commission ay para sa mga inaaping makabayan at inalipustang inosente. Yung sigawan, banta ng pagpapaluhod, sampal, at pagmumura ay naka-assign sa baranggay hall.
Peeps:trial by sordid media and web na lang, and do not ever add Boyet to the backlogged list of at the HRC. Yan lang pow!!

Esbern said...

I think we really should give him the benefit of doubt. a hungry person will really be violent. he was hungry at that time, arriving from a long journey. maybe the cashier is truly proud. by the way, where were the other managers/supervisors when this happened? ngayon lang sila nagpasikat na mag file ng case? human rights case? dami diyan victim ng abduction, bakit di muna ninyo tulungan?

Anonymous said...

What's with the "international" term?Just because you are about to sell your clothes in 0ne or two countries doesn't mean you are an international designer...or "couturier" or you achieve international status!!!For "fucks" sake (and i'm getting good fuck here)BOYET FAJARDO looks like a disheveled version of JOAQUIN PHOENIX ON letterman!

The Nashman said...

Ang galeng galeng. He was tired and hungry from the long apparently, everyone who got out of the same plane as him was prone to creative outbursts...

This man is hilarious! More, more! Make him a TV host.

reyna elena said...

You are sooooo not alone laughing in here dear kitty! Hahahaha!

The spookyman, este, spokesman is well, spooky. hahaha!

I honestly cannot make the connection between the action done by Boyet and that of his spookyman’s “claim” of “international status“.

Why would his “international status” be a justification for the act that Boyet Fajardo has done?

Is Ricky Rivera telling us that our national survival and salvation rests on Boyet Fajardo’s “international status“, so let’s just go on with our business-as-usual over the poor cashier’s traumatic experience from Boyet?

I see no logic to his reasoning! There is NONE! Nada! Hahaha