Saturday, March 21, 2009

BOYET (gone too) FAJARDO

I originally wasn't going to write an entry on Boycott (ay este ...Boyet) Fajardo since everyone and their Duty Free shopping bag has said something (and everything fit and unfit to print) about this incident.

I didn't even bother uploading the video because a) everyone seems to have a copy of it on their site, b) I don't know how to upload videos from anywhere let alone turn on my TV and c) the last time I uploaded a video was for a supposedly romantic encounter which I mistook for a crime scene. It was promptly removed from YouTube.

I was going to comment about women flying under cover (read: in burkha) but Boyet has certainly outpaced Burkha in the controversy department.

In case you-s have not gotten the cyberspacial memo, please log onto the following sites for videos and hardly a comment on the side of the fashion don't (in more ways than one): -put up by his own fans who want to lay him on the cutting

Boyet Fajardo is also coming to a talk show near you---the one with Boy "Certainly not DingDong Dantes just look into my magic mirror" Abunda and Kris 'Walang part na hindi Plastic' Aquino.

Also, may I say that in his Friendster account, he spells his profession as "cotourier" or something like that. Marc is busy with his new marriage so I'm gonna call Karl and I KNOW his straight hair is gonna frizz like a Santo Nino.

And finally....

I FUCKIN' HOPE HE GOES OUT OF BUSINESS because with his looks and attitude, he wouldn't even be able to find a job as....what?....a Duty Free cashier???
(I also hope the little gay cashier gains some weight and gets some kind of compensation like a lot of cash or a reality show. Just not free clothes and certainly not the monstrous clothes by Boyet Fajardo)

Yan lang pow.....


neilcab said...

Poor Boyet. He's probably been having sleepless nights. He's now realizing the gravity of what he did... Buti nga sayo. Nasobrahan yata to sa kapapanood ng mga teleserye, akala nya si Amor Powers sya. haha!

I'm sure he's (it?) gonna shed buckets of tears in "the buzz" while his look-alike boy/girl abunda tries to intellectualize the situation and babble senselessly on the merits of this issue not being boyet's fault.

To paraphrase Kitty, he can hang himself in his Hermes belt. Wait, made it beltS. With his heft, it would take about 10 belts to finally kill him. there.

Daraga said...

I fell of my chair laughin my head off reading the line on the romantic/crime scene...great post!

Boyet F needs a stylist!

collinfongjr said...

Why do we need a boyet fajardo in this world beside I never heard of him. Who is he anyway

Lydia said...

"I'm gonna call Karl and I KNOW his straight hair is gonna frizz like a Santo Nino." ---> Ms. Kitty this is just too funny!!! I swear couturier is a word that's liberally used.

Normally I would like to hear both sides of the story but I really don't need to in this case. Nobody should be treated that way. If indeed the employee or DFP did something reprehensible, I'm sure his rich ass can afford a lawyer. But seeing as he doesn't even know how a credit card works, I doubt he knows how to hire a lawyer.

Twilight Zone said...

wow im surpriseeeee, dya ran... ang ganda ganda ng site mo ngayon madam Kits grabe ito ang lay out na bagay na bagay sayo ang sosyyyy.
mas napansin ko ang lay out mo kesa kay boyet sa totoo lang hahaha natalbugan ng byuti ng new lay out mo ang byuti ni boyet (so FAR-jardo ay tyak na naglulupasay sa regret lol).
agree ako sa hiya na dinanas nung poor cashier dapat lang na makatanggap nya ng compensation dahil kahit ako papasampal nalang sa kanya pero never akong luluhod sa harap nya hehehe.

Haide Acuña said...

Dear Kitty,

Sagdi na lang if you're low-tech. We love content more than form. Although I must say the new look of your blog is much much better and so bagay. Maybe you can add a drawing of a not so skinny girl on the masthead. Pwede naman maging fab even if you're on the heavy side. Haha!



Sam said...

Da who? Ayan, YouTube sensation tuloy siya. His misdeed has bred a life of its own. Philippine TV is so screwed up that it would pander to his need to apologize (nga ba? o nakulangan pa sa unflattering video shots niya sa YouTube?). Public flogging on national TV is a great way to put an end to this! Just my dirty thoughts....

ms. flyer said...

That arrogant designer i will not name,who does he think he is?Karma is a fashion that will never go out of style.If he was'nt treated right,make a complain properly and humanely.we are all equal,some are just prettier, richer and famous,THEY DON'T LAST FOREVER!!What comes around goes around. A person with a class and bred doesn't behave like that. My heart goes to Mr. Fernandez and the rest.

Sam said...

I love your sense of humor, Mama Kitty! You leave 'spellcheck' off and just let them puppies run loose, merrily on a spring day!!! :)

Anonymous said...

The first time i heard his name on the news(local news like TV Patrol and Umagang Kay Ganda)i said to my partner"who the fuck is that fugly designer?"to which my partner blurted out"the hell i fuckin' know him...maybe a gorilla who just came out from Malabonn zoo'!!!