Monday, March 23, 2009

As Ate Vi once said, "How do I luke?"

Unang-una, nagpapasalamat ako sa parents ko at kay Kuya Amiel and the staff of m2.o Communications for kindly volunteering to help me FINALLY put some real chic into the visual appeal of my blog. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!

DOESN'T IT LOOK GREAT, boys and girls and gheys? Even if you-s hate-s eet, you have to admit it STILL looks better than Boyet Fajardo's clothes!! Go on, admit it!!
The blog was designed by the talented Monica Sabado and Jeeves De Veyra of m2.0, a two-year old boutique media company that counts APAC and Italianni's as clients. Log onto for more information. They also have a Facebook Group headed by Rain Baguio, our editor at

Aside from Boyet Gone Too Fajardo's bald spot and atrocious clothes sense, what else made you laugh this weekend?
Unbeknownst to moi until it spilled the beans, the Patola Vine has a relative called Poison Ivy spewing venom in Boyet Not-De-Leon's famous garden in his Valle Verde house. Supposedly many saw this scandale coming to the self-annointed-on-Friendster 'cotourier' simply because he brags better than he designs clothes. All he talks about are his travels, his homes (only 2, ha!??? Tell THAT to the Kaiser!! and NO PRIVATE PLANE!! loser!), his art and antiques.

Well now there's gonna be a whole load of talkin' going on and it ain't gonna be about art or fashion.

As much as blogs have a lot of funny and controversial information, their comments sections are equally hilarious (sometimes even funnier than the main entries!). This one was sent to me by my friends at

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Is Smith Innocent Afterall?":
"I think "Boldstar" is Kitty Go, yung blooger na ang lakas ng loob mamintas matronish naman. Di kayang itago ng Roger Vivier ang itsura niya."

(How can Boldstar be me if he/she is so much smarter and more serious about issues?)

I admit I AM a MATRONA!! I'm old, fat and childless. I also wear the matronic brand Roger Vivier. One does not need to 'hide' behind it because it ain't exactly the height of hip. It's classic and bourgeois (aka safe and 'common'). I only wear the Belle Vivier with rectangualr pilgrim buckles. I wouldn't even consider the curved or asymmetrical new ones.

My wardrobe reflects my personality and my lifestyle. I wear shoes the same way I wear my clothes. Although I wear different ones for different occasions and locations, I have it down to a science---pure linen for French country summers, Indian caftans for tropical city summers, Rick Owens for spring in New York, Tokyo and London, Fendi for apres-ski, empowering Yohji and CdeG for when I'm feeling fat and unworthy and Lanvin as often as I can....

So when do I wear RV? Well, it is sort of a conservative banker's shoe so I wear that to banker events where you don't want to look skint but don't want to look like your husband is in AIG's bonus pool, either. And I wear it with leggings or a DVF dress (which is racy by banking standards) so people don't think I am head of JP Morgan Fixed Income even if my income IS FIXED. At an all time low.....


Twilight Zone said...

hahaha ala lang natawa lang ako kasi panay comments nung iba e anon naman ang gamit, ewan kung bakit kasi ini-entertain pa ang mga anon commenters na yan or ayaw nilang mabuking na silay mga "Insecure" aminin man o hindi yun na yun at wag nalang mag deny.

Daraga said...

The new blog "lukes" like a million dollars. Oo na!

Could not stop laughing about the matrona comment, which you took in stride, as anyone who wears lanvin often is expected to...hehe

Well, you're the hippest matrona to me : -)

I am so missing patola vine spilling ahem the beans...

When is next scandal gonna hit?

Keep it coming Kitty!

Edrick said...

CDG for when you feel unworthy and lanvin as often as you can? LOL! Lovit

goodgirl said... -- do they charge cheap or expensive?

Anonymous said...

Fantastic retort! What does the commenter think you should wear anyway? Sidebar: My stepmother-in-law is 62 AND not skinny but wanted to buy Marni's $2,500 resort 2009 grey and pink dress.I wanted to barf. I think it's way better to be classically matronic (I am!) instead of TH.

Anton said...

Congrtulations on the new look!

Melissa Villa said...

i love, love, love the new chic look - you never fail to amuse me :)!

stay witty and clever... and to your fugly detractors - they can fug themselves more...

Rosanna said...

mama kitty,

im asking my fellow readers here to please email me the telephone number of boyet fajardo dahil gusto ko siyang murahin ng todo todo. ang kapal ng putangnang yan. isa siyang baklang patapon. isa siyang gago na mas gaga pa sa ulol. tarantado siya... ilabas ang numero nang hayop na yan at pakakainin ko siya ng mag asawang mura at sasampalin ko siya ng sobrang lakas, baka umurong na ang laspag niyang puwet.... gago siya!!!

(sorry mama kitty, today ko lang may i know ang story,,, im really ANGERED!!!)

Anonymous said...

i super duper Love the new look of your blog!!!wHO SAID KITTY IS MATRONA?!!!wELL,darling,you are as fabulous as the Belle Vivier!

I saw the youtube video of this designer and it was so cheap of him to do that!!!nouveau riche talaga and he stinks like his ugly face!

mikay said...

Hi Miss Kitty! I'm an avid reader of your blog and I must say I love your new layout. Kudos!