Saturday, March 28, 2009


Sub-title for the Filipino community: As Ate Vi once said, “I am not the addict, I am da victimS…”

For a major financial center like Hong Kong, success is celebrated probably as much as humiliation and punishment can be suffered from failure and/or fraud.

Ah…Failure…A word as bad as a curse in Hong Kong. But then so is FRAUD!

Ordinary people come into such close proximity to wealth. It is a city of winners where you could be sitting in a taxi in traffic next to a brand new chauffer-driven Bentley carrying the owner of a publicly-listed conglomerate.

….With office girls brushing shoulders with CEOs and managing directors at lunchtime sandwich queues and walking past well-dressed taitais, who can blame them for doing anything to own a Birkin?

It is no surprise, then, to know that certain individuals choose fraud as a method of satiating their lust for luxury goods and keeping up with the wealth they are surrounded with but do not really have.

Such is the modus operandi of a Filipina permanent resident in Hong Kong with the initials A----.C------, owner of a fashion company operating as B------- B---.

She is apparently engaged in intentional check fraud, aka check kiting or paperhanging. defines intentional fraud as: The account holder knowingly writes a check for an amount not contained within the account, absent of the expectation of receiving such funds prior to the clearing of the check, or in the case of pathological gamblers, the expectation is contingent upon winning.

….Clearly, AC is an Angel of Debt who left a trail of unpaid debts and bouncing checks totaling about 100,000 HKD in 2008, her ‘Year of Living Dangerously.”

She is no gambler but rather a ‘shopper’ and ‘high maintenance woman.’ In an email to friends, it seems like she wants people to know her as ‘a good buyer’ and I quote, “What hurts is that two years ago when I had money, no one talked about me, nobody said oh she is a good buyer, she is a nice girl with a good heart. She is generous….”

WHHEELL, Lane Crawford Shoppers, you-s be-es the judge…….

Unfortunately, what I know now may only be the tip of my Jimmy Choos. There could be more individuals and/or small enterprises who have been victimized by this check kite-flyer.

This may not be entirely her story. Of course she will have ‘her side.’ Who doesn’t? Even a backless Issa dress has a back side…..

But it is really the story of her victims who were once her friends....people who lent her money because they were really ‘generous’ and trusting.

Her current paper trail of bounced checks started late last year. They were not very large amounts but her guts and sense of entitlement hurt and baffle her debtors.

From debts to an individual for as little as 500 HKD to as much as 40,000 HKD, AC allegedly remains unapologetic. “I will not apologize to anyone and I will only apologize when I want to….”

And to a lender, “I admit 95% is my fault but 5% is your fault because you lent me your credit card.” (Sounds like what the US government would say to China)

In October 2008, she put a cash down payment of HKD 1000 for a crocodile bag from a vendor in Sheung Wan. The next day, she returned to the shop and asked the owner if she could ‘borrow 1000 HKD but don’t tell my friends I borrowed money from you….” The owner refused.

When she came to pick up the bag, she wrote out a check for 2300 HKD. It bounced.

Recently, she went back to the bag manufacturer and wanted to sell the bag back to her. AND...Get this....Hold on to your YSL Downtown bags, girls.....
She also wanted to sell her a Nuti ostrich bag that she supposedly bought for 22,000 HKD. (More on that later)

In November 2008, she wrote a check for about 2000 HKD for fashion jewelry from a local HK designer. It bounced but The Angel of Debt had the guts to call the designer and ask to do an exchange after Chinese New Year. She never did.

Only in March 2008 were many of her creditors/victims were on to her….

They acted very slowly because everyone was too ashamed to talk about it with anyone else because everyone was either The Angel of Debt’s friend or knew her through a friend.

Early this year, she saw a doctor about her swollen foot but had to borrow about 2500 HKD for this. Perhaps she was really skint but without good reason. She brandished the 22,000 HKD Nuti ostrich bag to her friend who lent her this money. Not only that, she wanted this friend to deliver part of the money to her while she was…wait for it….getting a pedicure at a beauty salon!!! (HSBC, can you deliver my ATM withdrawals to Il Colpo??)


Last week, she wrote a check for about 3000 HKD to a yoga studio.
Only this week did she call to tell them NOT to deposit the check because she supposedly closed her account.
I wonder if karma covers bouncing checks......


It seems like she has been writing checks with the knowledge that she either has no money in her bank account or she may no longer have an existing account.

Why did it take her a week to tell them that she closed her account and if she knew she this, why even write the check?
(She wrote me a check for 1600 HKD in August 2008 and called the next day to say she was going to give me cash. I have yet to receive it)

She has allegedly sold her YSL bag to Milan Station, sold her computer, borrowed money from helpers of her friends.

So far not so serious….

In the next entry, I will give you the ‘balance’ of her account. One for 40,000 HKD and another for 20,000 LOADS MORE such as walking off with inventory and being allegedly blacklisted at On Pedder!!
You may have to think twice before you even let someone with the intials A.C. ask you for the time….or your money…..


Anton said...

Sino kaya ito???

collinfongjr said...

My God I may have a hard time to guess who's this Whore girl. Why don't she sell her body nalang to pay her debts

Twilight Zone said...

zinu kaya toh?

mikay said...

I really hate it when people do that, borrow money and flaunt their debt-funded whatever in front of their lender. T-A-C-K-Y!!!