Saturday, March 28, 2009


Subtitle: If the shoe fits, sell it (or steal it or better yet, exchange it). In the last entry, I chronicled the alleged paper trail of A.C. or The Angel of Debt, a Filipina fraudster in HK.
Clearly she knows what she has been doing because she supposedly declared to a friend, “After I pay off all the ‘small debts,’ no one can touch me. You can’t even arrest me.”

WHELL---Angel--you did leave a paper trail of 'small' bounced checks but a bounced check IS a bounced check and it's FRAUD especially when you write several.

Sadly, the bulk of her debts are from (formerly) very good friends who helped her in her time of need. But before we get to the bad ass parts of the story (I think the worst is yet to come), I found out that she allegedly walked off with inventory from a designer line that was having a trunk show. (When confronted that she walked off with three handbags, she corrected the source by saying, 'Only two bags and a bangle which I wanted to exchange..." FOR WHAT!??? Cash or shoes???)

Supposedly her reputation ‘as a buyer’ sank to an all time low when she was allegedly blacklisted at On Pedder.

For what, we don’t exactly know but your guess is as good as mine. Check please!

Sometime last year, the Angel of Debt found herself homeless in Hong Kong and found accommodations with Leonor Herbert who has a 3-bedroom flat in Mid-levels. This friend rented a room out to the Angel of Debt for about 3000 HKD a month.
Her rent checks bounced.

In return for this kindness, AC borrowed Leonor’s credit card (supposedly with her permission) and charged about 40,000 HKD on it, her first transaction being for laser hair removal.
These days, I think there is a lot more her lenders want to pull out of her than just hair.

I don’t have details on this ‘loan’ and others but hopefully these entries will encourage people to come forward and be more vigilant about lending money to the Angel of Death (A.C.) and other similar characters.

OKAY---back to the story because we haven’t gotten to the part of the nightmare that wakes you up screaming in fear:

The Angel of Debt claimed to be ‘taking care’ of the payments but when Leonor and her boyfriend applied for a loan to buy a flat, here is what Leonor the Lender found out:
…..that she was blacklisted by Visa (surprise, surprise…because of the very card the Angel of Debt was using)
……that the lending bank refused to put her name on the title if she didn’t pay off the credit card debts. Leonor's boyfriend put up the money.

A few weeks ago, The Angel of Debt allegedly sold her used Tod’s shoes to Leonor’s sister saying that she wanted to use the money to pay for her yoga classes.

Of course, we know what happened there…..(see earlier entry)

She also supposedly borrowed money from Leonor’s helper, one of a hoard of helpers she has borrowed money from. Helpers in HK do not exactly make CEO wages and a few hundred dollars which may be lunch to us is a living for them.


The Angel of Debt should really get a debt sentence.

She also owes about 35,000 HKD to Lenny Eudela who, aside from helping her financially, also cooked for her.

I wish I could have friends like that! Anyone want to cook for me? (Japanese or Italian, please) Or 'lend' me money which I can pay back with a bad check?


collinfongjr said...

Why don't she sell her body to the foreigners so she can pay her debts beside she's in Hong Kong She can earn more

goodgirl said...

catch her if U can part 2

Johnonymous said...

I believable guts ng babaeng yan... Manlulustay ng pera ng iba para lang sa kanyang marterialism... Tsk tsk!

Excuse me esteemed fellows... something irrelevant...

Can I get your views on racism?

My post is here:

I caught a racist company by myself. All with attached proof or our discussion. It's for the OFW readers around.


Anna said...

is this the girl with the initial A. P. C. ? P for the maiden name? i thought she married a tycoon. doesn't seem to fit her personality. more clues please :)

Twilight Zone said...

hmmm zinu shah?

Cha said...

i dont get who she is- pero nakakasuka ang ugali nya!