Saturday, February 21, 2009


WHELL! I guess I was away longer that I thought I would be. What with having to take a side day trip to a historical European city and other fashion follow-ups....Oh dear! What we do for style even in these days of financial turmoil....
The gossip world (well, at least mine) is like retail. Not busy at all except for the bit of information I heard (NOT from the patola vine because it is getting trimmed and grafted) that the Philippine Tatler wants to put Wendy Puyat on its cover and is still 'waiting for approval' from Hong Kong.
Hmmm....I wonder how long this 'wait' will be.
In deeper conversations, a the funny thing that happened on the way back from India...Kitty: If you see Amazon selling 'Valentino: The Last Emperor,' could you buy it for me?
Husband: The emperor of what?
K: Waddaya mean the emperor of what? The emperor of the sun...tan. FASHION!
H: How many emperors of fashion are there? What happened to that freak with white hair in a pony tail? Aren't there some poufs having a sale of some sort?
K: Okay--there has been an ongoing war between these poufs since the time the brassiere was invented and I don't want to go there. Evah! I don't even go to their shows.
H: Does the white haired freak have a DVD?
K: KARL--YES! Many, which I have seen. But I want Valentino's.

Since we are on the topic of rich poufs, the two 'having a sale' next week (23-25 Feb) are the late Yves Saint Laurent (in my opinion the REAL emperor) and his longtime domestic and business partner Pierre Berge. The Christie's sale is estimated to fetch about USD 400 million. The collection was put together over 40 years and many items such as a Matisse for USD 20 million and a CHAIR from Eileen Grey for USD 2 million, could cost as much as a New York or London flat or a house with a golf course in Florida. Or to put it locally, a house in Forbes with some change for decorating.

Anyway, this collection is a great example of 'what I did for love." In the case of Berge, he paid all the bills (even when YSL overspent) and is donating the bulk of the proceeds to The Pierre Berge AIDS Foundation. Some money will go to the Yves Saint Laurent museum.

Berge will keep only a few pieces as the memories, which are more important to him, will never leave him. He has made public that he is keeping their first purchase together, an African bird sculpture whose worth pales in comparison to everything else they owned. Now that's love.

Speaking of AIDS projects, I would like you, my adoring public to turn your attention to the following website set-up by two most fabulous people: Brian Gorrell and Shola Luna.
Check out their AIDS "Stay Negative" service site:

It is beautifully laid out and designed. I love the page turning sound! There is general advice and QnA with fighter and survivor Shola Luna on how to deal with the disease. This is no faggy fashion project but an intelligent guide to HIV for EVERYONE---as in those who have it, those who don't, those who might have it, those who think they have it but are afraid of everything including themselves, those who know someone who has it, those in denial or panic and those who simply know NUTTIN'!!!

PLUS There is legit medical advice from a doctor. NOT Vickie Belo or Chin Palafox.

This week, I leave you with the final conversation my husband and I had before he went for his ovepriced haircut at a barber shop that doesn't include a shampoo. "I would rather have an aging Chinese barber than a pouf touch my hair."

K: OOhhh..I know this song.. Gotta find my.....Corner of the Sky. What show did this tune come from?
H: How should I know!! Is this a trick question to find out if I'm gay?


jade worldwide said...

the tune came from Pippin. Temeber Cocoy Laurel being in it...gasp...

collinfongjr said...

At least there are real emperor of Fashion rather than to be an emperor or empress of social climber. Yan lang marami sila. Ms. Kitty when will your third book be release Im so excited

Anonymous said...

Kitty darling,your conversation with Husband is so fuuny!!!
Keep them coming!