Wednesday, January 7, 2009


20082008 must have been the year of ratting dangerously. The most exciting thing to happen in Philippine media was the launch of Brian Gorrell's, which got more hits in a minute than Rocky gets in one film. From a SINGLE incident (over a series of payments totalling 70,000 USD) and a SINGLE SHYSTER came this blog that practically had the whole Filipino community captivated for months.

I was and so were you-s. DON'T DENY IT!

This blog opened cyberspace to the truth about some of Manila's society characters who many people couldn't stand but were afraid to say so.

WHEEELLL!!! It had to take an Australian Queen to hang the DJ and put the IT' (boys and girls) in shit.

Blogs are sources for traditional media and yet they would never acknowledge them. (Why--if no one fact checks, anyway?!) But then one never gets the whole truth and-nothing-but-the truth-so-help-me-God from the larger media outfits.

Enter:, the go-to blog for everything, particularly serious government and military stuff (corruption, some corruption and more corruption) that could get you jailed or killed by a congressman.

Or simply beaten up at the golf course. (I'm tellin' ya, there's not a safe place in town no more)

Then there is me. And the one thing our three blogs have in common (aside from people trying to close us down) is that our readers know who we are and WHERE we are. SCAAARRYY!!!

OMG--What HAVE we DONE!!!????

I launched this blog in June 2008. Based on the highlights below, don't you think we didn't do so bad for six months of ratting?
(Please do not ask me for links, typepad and photo stream like Chuvaness and Bryan Boy because I don't know how to work this blogging thing)

1) Dial M for Millet Manaquil and Murder. Still don't know, huh? Four words: Who Gives A Chic?
2) Let Us Spray: Patricia Panilio pepper sprays some chick at Embassy. Case of the century has been settled by Ricardo Po.
3) Hayden Kho attempts suicide over lover's tiff with Tupperware Surgeon Vicky Belo. God knows how this ended but unlike opera or Shakespeare, he didn't die. Neither did she 'cause plastic is tough!
4) Tracy Borres, the Queen of Negritos, loses face on Facebook.
5) Chin-Chiminey Palafox and her former prisoner of a boyfriend decide the best way to beat the competition is to beat him up. Which is exactly what they did to a surgeon at East Avenue Medical Center.
And finally...Don't hate me because I am bringing it up again......
6) KC Concepcion's 'common' behaviour at the Clinton Global Initiative and the Aga Muhlach stampede in Hong Kong

Maraming Salamat sa pag-subaybay
Lots of love from Kitty and the Patrola Vine


Twilight Zone said...

wow happy 6mos anniversary na pala ang blog mo madam, well congrats! at panalangin koy lalo pang magtagal at dumami chika at kokontrahin ko na ng kulam at balis yung mga kontrabida, kumukontra at kokontra sa blog mo hihihi.

Genkuro said...

Absolute Purrfection!
Bato-bato sa langit,
ang tamaan.... SAPUL!

Anonymous said...

It was indeed a year of ratting and some hilarious stuffs from Manila's high-high society.Scandale and scandelilah's lair have been fully propagated into mainstream shambles of uglinees and rottenness.Whatever it is.CHAROSSSSH!!!

Anonymous said...

Gorrelled! That's the new word referring to someone who is underfire from a blog. Like DJ, like the Pangadamans. But please this one too >>>


collinfongjr said...

its already 6 months na pala. I do hope you never get tired of exposing all the Bad attitudeof this society. By the way when are you going to release the book