Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Same stories, different times....


'After the Ball: Gilded Age Secrets, Boardroom Betrayals and the Party that Ignited the Great Wall Street Scandal of 1905" (title says it all!) by Patricia Beard is an educational and gossipy read even for us who don't know the difference between a PE ratio and Peewee Herman. Or that Hermes is not only a leather goods brand.

This is the story of the fall of Equitable Insurance, one of the biggest, if not the biggest insurance company of its time. It is what we know today as AXA.

However, all one needs to do is substiute Equitable for --AIG, Lehman, Enron, car manufacturers, etc. and this historical chronicle becomes current events. JP Morgan is in it as himself, so is Henry Clay Frick, EH Harriman and other 'bold faced' names that we now know as museums, foundations or simply RICH!
I have not read her other work (author of six non-fiction books) but it seems like Beard makes the history of Wall Street carnage her specialty. Her other book is "Blue Blood and Mutiny: The Fight for the Soul of Morgan Stanley"---which is STILL going through Hex in the Citi.
From information in After the Ball, I had one of my....
Conversations with my husband
Kitty: Was there still a Holy Roman Empire in 1900? How come Pope Pius X was able to bestow someone with the title Countess of the Holy Roman Empire?
Husband: Weren't those the Hapsburgs? Didn't Napoleon marry his son off to a Hapsburg so he could crown him Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire?
K: I think in 1900 the Hapsburgs were the Austro-Hungarian Empire and probably had Empress Sissy in Austria--the one stabbed through her corset. Empress Marie-Therese, the mother of Marie-Antoinette was a Hapsburg. Do you think Catherine Oxenburg is a Hapsburg?
H: Who is that?
K: She was on Dynasty with Joan Collins and Linda Evans.
H: She's probably not a Hapsburg. Just Euro-trash who impressed Americans.
(I read a comment somewhere that Americans are so easily impressed with titles and royalty because they can't tell the difference between a footman and the Lord Chamberlain)


Twilight Zone said...

Dati uso yung "From rugs to riches" pero ngayon baliktad na ang uso "From riches to rugs" na e.

Sa sarili kong opinion mas matatalino ang mga Asian compare to Americans (no offense pls obserbasyon lang na totoo naman)mas marami pang alam ang mga asians kesa sa kanila o nagkataon lang na mas interesado tayo sa mga pangyayari sa paligid natin at since sila e mayaman masyadong kampante na at dina importante sa kanila ang matuto pa ng husto.
May kid was in top 10 in school in Phil before he studies abroad,at first he studied at American school and nakakagulat kasi nasa top sya kaso nabo bored kaya nilipat ko sya sa so called british International school which namata pa nga kami nung british na principal nung una pero bandang huli fave na nya yung son ko kasi hes always on top pero later on we decided to bring him back to Phil kasi nahahawa dun sa mga batang spoiled brats at maliit pa natututo ng magsasagot kaya ayun balik pinas at masasabi kong iba talaga satin,teka naiiba nako ng topic hahaha.

bessie said...

CO is a princess, though I am not certain if she is a Hapsburg.
Haha! The things we remember. My brother and I were huge fans of dynasty.

Anonymous said...

I remember the Nievera's from your first book...they snub the 19th earl because they would only invite the 1st earl.Does it makes senseat all?buto-buto na ung 1st earl eh!!!

fuchsiaboy said...

hahaha! i enjoy the exhanges between you and your hubby.

sweetumbong said...

Yes dat was a guds exchanging mon!

Im wish i can be duchess wan days to.