Wednesday, January 7, 2009


At the rate the world is changing and at the rate the US is borrowing money from the Cheks, we will soon have to follow the lunar calendar and drop the "Chinese" in Chinese New Year.
Any-da-way....Life in gossip-landia has been VERY QUIET. Perhaps the Patola Vine and I have not been working hard enough. Or maybe my phone is dead! Between da Vine still in the greenhouse under quarantine from bringing toxins from ER and me being away, WADDA WE KNOW??
Meanwhile, a funny thing happened on the way to Geneva. This is proof that there is so much I still don't know about my husband (It was bad enough that I married him without knowing he didn't know who Michael Ovitz, Barry Diller and David Geffen were. At least he knows who Steven Spielberg is).
Me: Hey! That bridge reminds me of the bridge in 'Bridges of Madison County.'
Husband: Where is that bridge? Is it famous?
Me: It's the movie! And da book! Haven't you seen Bridges of Madison County with Clint Eastwood and Meryl Streep? The whole world has seen it.
H: No. But it's Clint Eastwood, eh? How can I not know it? What's the story on?
Me: Well, it might have been Harrison Ford because I can't tell the difference between them since they both wear hats. How can you NOT have seen it?
H: Why not? I never heard of James Taylor or Kenny G. until I moved to the Philippines. It's probably a bad movie.
Me: It's a girl's movie and the Hollywood Green Light Summary is: Never leave your wife alone for a weekend while you join the county fair or else she'll have an affair with a photojournalist in a hat.
H: WHAT!??? I leave you alone at home all day!!????
Me: Yes, but that's why you have to be grateful that I like dogs more than people.....
ABOUT THIS BLOG AND MY BOOKS- It's sort of too late to discuss this but many who have read my books and read this blog think that I indiscriminately criticize and make fun of people and events.
I DON'T. Really. I do have parameters and I can't think of a better time to enumerate these parameters than now, at the beginning of a new year and at the time I plan to release my last book.
There are always two sides to a story (well, usually more if you count the PR side) but, I'm sorry boys and girls, there is only one side that dominates. The one that gets bad PR. Remember, as they say in tabloid journalism: If it bleeds, it leads.
I know it's too late to discuss parameters and establish a certain objectivity, but WHO CARES!
1) I only pick on people at 'my level' or higher. Never the less fortunate and never the handicapped. Never people who cannot defend themselves. I think to criticize people who have less than you or who cannot defend themselves is cowardly and unfair. If you come from a position where you clearly have an advantage, then that is basically bullying and defeats the purpose of criticism or 'discussion' on a level playing field.
2) I never criticize failure. Except when one fails to get a table at the Ivy....That means failed realtionships and businesses (unless of course there was cheatin' and scammin')
There is no one in this world who has not encountered failure and it is not fair to kick people when they are at their lowest point. But of course if I don't like you, it will not be a secret and for richer and for poorer, in sickness and in health...I'm gonna beat the living crap outta ya.
3) I always have an opinion on 'abuse of power or position.' (that includes people who call themselves professionals but are really unprofessional) Doncha just plain HATE people who make life hard for you 'just because they can?"
And lastly, again, because it affects everyone....
4) I can't stand people who are: a) cheap b) refuse to pay (for anything) and/or c) purposely take so long to pay you back (except if they are really broke which I will understand). This is why I devoted pages and pages in my novels to characters like Ned and Nicky Nivera (the Ocampos).


Twilight Zone said...

ay nakuh peborit ko din yang 'Bridges of Madison County'pero diko pinanood yan kundi lang dahil kay Meryl Streep.

hahaha malamang nasa buk part3 nanaman yang sina ned & nicky lolz.
oo nga malapit na ang chekwa new year kaya eto hapit din ako ng kayod dito at magbabakasyunan nanaman ang mga kachekwaan very soon.

collinfongjr said...

Naku When will you release your New Book im so excited about it. I want tor ead it na nga eh.

Genkuro said...

I am really fascinated by your wit Miss Kitty. You got me rolling with laughter on that Geneva episode with your Hubby.

A not so similar yet funny situation also happened to a friend of mine who is married to a British national in one of our dinner parties. Her Husband, before we sat down to dinner noticed a vase with unfamiliar blooms. He asked his wife what sort of flowers they were. My friend replied "they are Malaysian Mumps dear." Husband innocently asked: Oh they are? Where did they come from? My friend knowing full well it was bought from Dangwa but being some kind of a "babaeng bakla" equivocally replied: "Malay ko, Malay mo, Malaysia."

Anonymous said...

EXCELLENT anecdote about you and Matthew!

Sending you a little something through snail mail that will help you understand The Wire and other stree-talking shows better. :-)