Friday, January 16, 2009

A DOG'S DAY AFTERNOON-closing remarks

That's me and Tallulah with our helper/yaya/chef/fashion consultant/walker/personal shopper Nora who helps us get through our day. Everytime she does the laundry she wonders how Mom can have the wardrobe she has because daw 'bakla lang ang susuot ng ganyan..." Look at us. We also look like baklas.
PARTY ANIMAL: Public Enemy #1
What can I say about my sister, the social outcast, Tallulah Butthead II? She was really named after legendary actress Tallulah Bankhead because Mom thought she'd grow up to be a beauty but all she is now is someone like Tallulah Bankhead---she' a slut!
Her father was an Alsatian who raped her mother. She then walked off the roof and died. Can you blame her? Then Daddy proceeds to put Tallulah's head in his mouth. She still has the scars.
Now you can understand why she has so many deep seated psychological and social adjustment problems. So much so that we got dis-invited from Daisy the Cocker Spaniel's despedida in 2002 because daw 'the Dalmatian was coming and he didn't get along with Talullah..." (but that spotted creature had issues of his own kasi bakla siya and we were gonna out him!)
This dog is so insane and manic depressive that we had to see a shrink and she was given mind altering drugs under the Animal National Health Service in Taiwan!!
Plus NO ONE LIKES HER except Wong Wong and Nora and that's only because she's paid.
Tallulah is so sipsip to humans that she puts too much brown into brown nosing.
If I were that kid in da photo, I'd be scared because that bitch looks cute and sweet on the outside but has the mind and actions of a killer.


MG said...

This series of posts just crack me up. I could read this over and over and not get tired of it. Thanks, Kitty! I hope your dogs live a very long life.

Anonymous said...

Nora looks great on the picture!!!she's the most sosyal yaya in the world.hahaha!!!