Friday, January 16, 2009


That's me in the organic cotton handknit sweater my sis Tallulah gave me for my birthday. Now she is jealous of her own gift and wants one for herself. You know the type---she's one of those who wants what you have not because she really likes it but because YOU have it.

That's me waiting for my cue to pick out names from the 'tambiolo' for our raffle. Unfortunately, I don't look glamorous here--- I merely look like a dog who is out on the street begging.

AAAHH!!---the reliable King Charles Spaniel Teddy and Pomeranian Barbie who sometimes come to the house to visit. Teddy was one of the lucky winners of the raffle. But he's really not so lucky because his ears got torn off by one of the Huskies from the 12th floor who we OBVIOUSLY DID NOT INVITE! And Barbie is blind in one eye because---you guessed it!! The social misfit A-ti pawed it off!!! GROSS!

OOOHH---It's Radar, the strong and silent but deadly type. My French-understanding boyfriend from next door. So silent that he got lost and didn't come back until 3 days later. (Did I notice?) He was also one of the lucky winners of the raffle even if he didn't make an effort with any outfit. But he (his owner) is French so their style is effortless.

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