Friday, January 16, 2009


There's Jess who already ate her cookies and chicken pie and is now hassling her yaya for pancit and dumplings. In the background is Lulu, who has no friends so I felt sorry for her and invited her. Of course, like any charity case, she ate a lot. At first, nahihiya pa but she ate SO MUCH, I'm tellin' ya....SO MUCH!! Nag-take home pa ng chicken pie, ha....
Who is this HK Chekua human interloper who I a) don't know, b) do not like and c) is blocking my sunset?
UGH! That's Bilou, one of the social interlopers, pretending to be enjoying the party and trying to blend in with the yayas. This guy actually had a party last month and didn't invite me and Tallulah and has the GUTS to SHOW UP at MY PARTY a) not dressed, b) eating our food and c) behaving as only a Lab can behave: uncivilized. See my issue with the OTHER Lab, the social idiot, A-ti.
Not only THAT--this Bilou had a party 'only for Labs' and dahil hindi kami pure breed, hindi kami im-bita!! EXCUSE ME!! Who is in denim today? Aber?? And I heard my party was BETTER!! Sa guest list lang, talo na siya....

Thank God we ordered enough chicken pies because we had THREE (count 'em!)!! THREE canine interlopers and countless human hangers on. The worst thing about interlopers is that they usually don't come properly dressed and they eat all your food.
Bilou is one---see photo above. I should put it up in the post office and 7-11.
Robert and Isabel are the other two. They are SO NOT Robert Isabell of Glorious Foods, okay. But they loved my glorious food.
AT ETO PA.....Dog-faced gatecrashers Robert and Isabel even had the guts to bring a camera!! But when they were using it they kept saying, "Nahihiya kami gumamit...." WHELL! The SHOULD be ashamed of themselves especilally now that they refuse to let me see any photos from MY PARTY!! (That's because they haven't finished photo shopping their ugly, kapal selves!)
Who do they think they are?? Hello Magazine at Catherine Zeta-Jones' and Michael Douglas' wedding? My sister Tallulah took her Door Nazi job so seriously that when Robert and Isabel were sitting quietly in a corner, she came up and attacked them.
I'm telling you, a party is never complete without a catfight by dogs.


sunny said...

I love this post!

bessie said...

shushal! Grabe pati dogs mo may social life. Daig pa ako. hihihi.
Just sharing: my dogs love to snack on palitaw, noodles (mami and pancit), they tolerate congee. But they really love adobong sitaw.
Totally loving the outfits! May accessories pa.