Friday, January 16, 2009


Jess (dark brown with green ribbon) is late but at least she made an effort with her outfit. She even brought me a gift--a can of dog food. But that idiot Lab A-ti behind us is so uncivilized I don't know why I invited him. He ate most of the food.
OY! Door Nazi Tallulah! Are these guys on the guest list? Let them in. Wong Wong is in vintage Valentino, Teddy is in Lanvin for Acne jeans and Barbie is in pink flannel from Mongkok. I can see who made an effort. The coolest one will win the raffle.

My sis Tallulah Butthead II and I wait for my party to start. If that white bitch eats all the food, I'll pee on her blanket tonight.

The guests arrive, including a human interloper. Sigurado this woman is here only for the pancit. For sure 'yan, mudder! I'm surprised the whole World Wide House is not here.

Mingling with the guests including the uncivilized Lab and menace to your garden and furniture, A-ti. Look how no one wants to get close to him. He ruins our outfits by pawing at us!!! He better not eat my Chanel camellia.

Thank God we had enough food for the dogs and more than enough for the yayas (pancit enough to feed a baranggay, mamon, dumplings and soy milk and Coke) and to bribe the security guard and other passers-by who for sure will tell the building board that there was a DOG party in a 'No Dogs Allowed' area.
Where are we supposed to go? Our building? Last year when Toby the sheepdog had a BBQ they had to cancel it because 'strangers' are not allowed in the building 'kuno! But they allow so many construction workers who probably steal stuff, unlike us!

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